Pen name: she is cool like ice

Used pen name: Magic Love

Sex: Male

Address: Hubei - Wuhan

Other works: " Meng Nian Xing Ji ", " Urban All-Around Master " " Tianji Ghost " "The Palm of Heaven " " Meng Niang Mythology "

The Chinese writer who signed the Chinese website has finished two novels and is serializing two novels. The work is very innovative, not limited to the mainstream form of the current novel, the work "Nianshan 108 Star Girl" creates a maiden style. Book friends usually call "Ice Niang". The first "Urban All-Around Master" and the second "Nianshan 108 Star Girl" have been completed, the third "Tianji Ghost" and the fourth "Head of Heaven" have been stopped because of the signing of the creation of the Chinese network. The new book is "Meng Nian Xing Ji", serialized in the creation of the Chinese network.[1]


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