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Why are you so good to us? Are you not a Star Master?
Bao Xiaoyu to Su Xing[1]

Bao Xiaoyu is 60th ranked Star Maiden.

The Savage Star God of Death in the Water Margin was only the Death God second after Li Kui. Just looking at her name was enough to know that there was a verse that went – raise a broadsword to kill by fire, Bao Xu’s name is called the God of Death!


A pair of vivid and lively big eyes, delicate facial features, skin like snow, green clothes, petite and exquisite, any way he looked, she could not be more than seven or eight years old. Perhaps she had not even reached the young age where she had an awakening towards a first love. Even if that two meter broadsword in her hand was taller than herself and even more heavy, it was this incompatible Blood Drinking Demon Killing Sword held by the girl that actually made people see nothing wrong.[2]


Her age was very small, her imposing aura very excessive.


She and her Star Master were saved by Su Xing from attack of Blooming Water Sword Sect.[2] Su Xing even gave her one filled Astal Bag lotted from Blooming Water Sword Sect.


  • Yellow Rank Tactic: Long River of Blood Drinking