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Second Phase’s divine item. Contains detailed informations about every Star Maiden. This Birth Treasure Outline is used to record the Sisters of Maiden Mountain. When turned towards Star Maiden, it shows her status in book.

It could sense in the surroundings any Star General, in other words, before the Birth Treasure Outline, concealing their identity was impossible. As long as owner wished for it, then all of the Star General’s current state and materials would all be revealed by the Birth Treasure Outline with a complete lack of reservation; in addition, the Star General’s greatest weak point was using the Five Elements as a restraint. However, this weak point could be said to be negligible. If their realm was a bit higher, the Star General did not fear the Five Elements. If they were a bit weaker, they would still disdain using the Five Elements for restraint. 


This ultimate treasure that attracted the Star Maidens in the Second Phase seemed to be not that colorful. It was a book that could not be opened, engraved with the words, “The Birth Treasure Outline.” It had four Star Crest Engravings, and the pages of the book were of rare gold. Due to it being refined from Gold Silkworm Heavenly Silk, it was light as a feather.[1]


The Birth Treasure Outline altogether had four copies in the Four Territories. Besides the most mysterious White Tiger Territory of no interest to anyone, there were three.[2]

  • Su Xing
  • Song Qingci
  • Great Saint Starkiller
  • Han Bing


  • The Birth Treasure Outline was capable of sensing Star Generals.[3]