Each person has a life, and each has its ups and downs. This Palace is somewhat bored of counting gold everyday. Compared to you all who can ascend that Maiden Mountain, that is what is truly enviable. Since you have come here, let us tell each other our true names. This Palace is called Chai Ling. It is better to avoid this Chai Jin, for This Palace certainly feels it is displeasing to the ear.
When you speak, it is very interesting, but a sweet enough mouth is not sufficient to make the Knowledge Star and Skilful Star serve you. This Palace can see it…The feelings Wu Xinjie has for you are deeply rooted. Even if she were to give her body up to you, she is apparently willing…That Skilful Star Wanderer’s outer appearance is cold, yet she is able to invest everything into you…If This Palace has not guessed wrongly, if you wanted to take Yan Yizhen’s virginity, she would not refuse either…
What the end of the Star Duels relies on is still the compatibility between Star General and Star Master. Even if one possesses wealth equal to that of a nation, that is merely a jest…Relationships, even more laughable. In the Star Duels, you die and I live. Only a man as sluggish as you would idiotically think of creating a harem that accepts all of the Sisters.
Su Xing, are you thinking with your penis? Can one woman so easily dominate your life? This is too disappointing to This Palace.


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