Star Cultivators

Liangshan Continent Star Cultivator’s Star Energy were very special. Starting from nothing then to something, from something to secret, from secret to manifest. From the manifestation step, every refinement needed to be done in sequence in a full circle; almost analogous to giving rise to one. One gives rise to two, two to three, and three to the limits of all living things.

A simpler explanation would be to compare the Star Energy inside a Star Cultivator’s body to a seed. From the very early Stardust Stage to the very last Transforming Star of Annihilation, one absolutely could not be careless.[1]

Every realm of cultivation, from one realm to another, for a Star Cultivator would become extremely difficult to attain the later the realm.[2]

A Star Cultivator’s cultivation advancement was one quantitative change turning into another quantitative change. Every change to a promotion was a difficult threshold, and besides requiring Star Energy to meet some extent, mental state was also a factor.[3]

Rank Level Lifespan Details
1 Stardust Stage 100
2 Nebula Stage 120
3 Galaxy Stage 140
4 Supercluster Stage 160
5 Supervoid Stage 180
6 Transforming Star of Annihilation Stage 300+ After reaching this realm, it is possible to go in legendary Star World

Trivia Edit

  • The bigger a person’s Star Energy’s reserve, the more advantage they would have in a battle.[4]
  • From Galaxy Stage cultivators can use Sword Chant.
  • Star cultivatiors are persons who cultivate Star Energy.
  • Cultivators of Supercluster Stage and lower were incapable of using and refining magic weapons, but there was an exception. Lost Treasures were the prototypes of Magic Weapons. Cultivators of any Stage could use them. So long as it was refined, it would be a magic weapon. An Ancient Lost Treasure could only be found, not requested for.[5]
  • The more superb the cultivator, the fewer the magic weapon abilities he could cultivate in the future. The cause was not himself, but an “Essence” character.A refined and proficient magic weapon often could resist several magic weapons.[6]
  • Buddhist cultivators often trained their physical bodies and were bright with dharma, the reason they could only hole up in the far western corner of the Azure Dragon Territory naturally had a logic. Buddhist cultivators cultivated sarira as their Life-cast items, not Flying Swords. In terms of abilities, this was a massive detriment.[7]


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