Cyclops Jinn was monster who carried Heavenly Grade Birth Outline Treasure. These Cyclops Jinns’ heads had a Divine Intent of protecting the Birth Outline Treasure Chest carved into them. 

This Cyclops Jinn was an ancient fifth rank Demon Beast. Surly and unreasoning, it was hard to find a rival. Its one eye released an incandescent light that broke a sword array. The Cyclops Jinn’s flesh was like metal, hard as steel, impervious to sword and spear. Those imposing and violent flying swords stabbing onto their bodies only gave off clanging noises as if they were striking stone.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • This monster’s skin was just like Essence Gold. The Galaxy Stage Artifact Blood Rain Pot had great difficulty piercing through, and he only heard the clanging sound of striking metal.


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