Daoist Hou specialized in storytelling. His words were eloquent, his tongue a splitting water lily, a deluge of heavenly flowers.

His popularity in Long Blood Stronghold was not bad, and let alone cultivators appearing on scene, a few soldiers and high-ranking officers also shouted. 

Despite this Elder Daoist being only Stardust Late Stage, he was extremely good at inquiring through the grapevine. He somewhat heard of each major secret in the eight hundred li of the Long Blood Stronghold and the ten thousand li of Gun Province. Although the validity was unknown, he spoke clearly and logically, making the truth hard to distinguish from the rumors. With the Azure Dragon Territory so vast and communications so undeveloped, this Daoist Hou’s stories became an absolute in Long Blood Stronghold. On one hand, listening was pleasant, and on the other, the circumstances could more or less be understood.[1]

Appearance Edit

A pointy mouthed, monkey cheeked old man wearing a thin moustache.


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