Deng Rongxin is 49th ranked Star Maiden.

Appearance Edit

The woman was abundantly beautiful, her features extremely so. Her pupils were like rubies, and her long, curled red hair seemingly burned like a flame; she wore a Fire Jade tiara, and she was draped in suan’ni armor. She hefted an iron chain hammer filled with Essence Fire. What a demonic Star General, especially those eyes that were harsher than a lion’s, gazing at Su Xing wishing she could devour him alive.[1]

Birth Treasure Outline Status Edit

Chapter 195

Star Position: Whole Star

Star Name: Deng Fei

Nickname: Fiery Eyed Suan’ni

True Name: Deng Rongxin

Rank: Forty-ninth

Star Weapon: Raging Heavens Starfire Hammer (Two Star)

Star Beast: ???? (? Rank)

Realm: Thousand Militaries Fifth Stage

Innate Skill: Crimson Pupils Flame Hair8

Five Elements: Fire

Yellow Rank Special Skill: Fire Ni Ripping/Suan’ni Skyward Roar Flame

Current Status: Contractor (Tuoba Yan)

Plotline Edit

She was battling with Su Xing but didn't manage to overpower him.


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