The Devil Suppressing Stele was a large treasure. Even if it was fiercely thrown down like this, the might was fierce. Besides, this Devil Suppressing Stele was the nemesis of the Ghost Cavalry King who had a ghost body. The Devil Suppressing Stele’s golden light flashed, forcing the Ghost Cavalry King to but only change to a spirit and disperse.[1]

The Devil Suppressing Stele was forged from ninety-nine precious materials including Precipice Mountain’s Breath Soil, Head Mountain’s Pure Copper, Relic Blade Dark Iron, Star Divine Sand and others, then casted using Heavenly Fire simply was equivalent to a Purple Star Grade Astral Treasure. The ninety-nine Devil Suppressing Seals inscribed on the stele established a secret technique forbiddance. Ten years later, although many people wanted to break the Devil Suppressing Stele, basically, there was no one who could.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • It was refined by Su Xing. However, this Devil Suppressing Stele actually was a Supreme Grade Treasure, and Su Xing could use it. In the end, only after he had the Void Immortal’s Abode could he implant his Divine Intent, and he was already barely able to control it.[3]


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