The Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix was also called the Di Nü Phoenix Bird. In the Star Beast List, it was side-by-side with the Golden Qilin for second strongest Star Beast. If based on strength alon, the Di Nü Phoenix Bird was stronger than the Golden Qilin, regardless of whether it be its graceful figure or its magnificent capabilities. However, the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix honestly was too proud. Even though it had become a Star Beast, it would only participate in a few battles. Thus, it was ranked second with the Golden Qilin. In the past, there were Di Nü Heavenly Phoenixes that refused to battle, leading to their own Star Generals ending in Starfalls.

However, Star Beasts like this that infinitely drew near the level of Holy Beasts, even the deaths of their contractors did not mean much to them at all.

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