The Knowledge Star’s second Destined Star Weapon, the same as the Skilful Star Yan Yizhen’s second Star Weapon, “Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow.” Only under certain circumstances could it manifest. What was different was that the Knowledge Star’s Eight Gates Black Gold Chain always was enigmatic.

The records of previous Star Duels pertaining to the Knowledge Star’s Eight Gates Black Gold Chain were only a few words. As far was conjectures surrounding the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain, those were also of differing opinions because the Knowledge Star Resourceful Star Wu Yong was ranked an astonishing third. However, she was somewhat similar to the ranked first Song Jiang, completely lacking combat Innate Skills. On magic, she also did not have any contributions, and she even could not compare to the Leader Star Resourceful Strategist Zhu Wu in terms of arrays.

Her sole advantage was in strategic battle tactics.

Though these types of battle tactics could change the course of a war, they nevertheless could not change the fate of the Star Duels.Over the generations, the Knowledge Star also was barely second to Song Jiang; an existence of other Star Cultivators rushing like ducks to kill her.However, any way it was put, the one ranked third was unlikely to be in such a sorry situation. After all, in the successive Star Duels, there was a Knowledge Star in the “Seven Stars Uprising Assembly” that ascended Maiden Mountain. But that generation’s Knowledge Star was very mysterious. The materials pertaining to her could be counted on fingers, and the one thing that was known was that she manifested the second Star Weapon, “Eight Gates Black Gold Chain.”[1]


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