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Fang Xingu is man who asked Su Xing and Wu Siyuo to join his group to enter Vermilion Bird Territory.


He was originally so handsome, and unexpectedly even contracting the Fair Skinned Gentleman that could make one’ appearance become even more handsome, this honestly was Heaven’s favor[1]


Zheng Yanran turned out to be a distant relative’s niece that followed along Fang Xin’gu’s older brother, Fang Xinsan. As for the specific reason, that was unknown, however, Fang Xin’gu’s older brother Fang Xinsan was a formidable and distinguished sword cultivator. His sword techniques were extremely superb, enough that he could contend against a Star General. He handed Zheng Yanran over to Fang Xin’gu without saying anything, only that he needed to learn through experience and wanted him to look after Zheng Yanran.

It was actually this simple. Afterwards, Zheng Yanran wished to go to the Vermilion Bird Territory, and Fang Xin’gu followed along.

During that time with the Devil Mask Clan, Fang Xin’gu indeed absolutely did not expect this seemingly frail girl would be a legendary Star General, besides being one with frightening martial force.[1]


  • He was born in the Vermilion Bird Territory and has cultivated at Mount Danxia for more than a decade.[2]