Feast of All Souls is event which places Buddha Kingdom in centar of attention of whole Liangshan. The myriad schools of Buddhism recite dharmas and promote their teachings., All kinds of buddhist festivities are played and cultivators use it to improve their cultivation or gaining some comprehensions.

Description Edit

The first climax of the Feast of All Souls – “Buddha’s Teachings Shine Gloriously.” Thousands of purple and red fireworks practically crammed the world as far as the eye could see, Meditative light was all over, the scent of metal bewitching.

The river lanterns on the winding Ganges River linked into one, like countless stars leisurely flowing away. Each river lantern appeared exceptionally dazzling under the night’s river. As far as the eye could see, there were lanterns of all colors, boundless. This was the Feast of All Soul’s – “Borderless Abyss of Suffering.”

In the empty space, someone was propagating dharma, the Barhmanistic chants lingering, clean and refined. This voice as soft as the Ninth Firmament was slowly washing away the filth of the heart. The was the Feast of All Soul’s last climax – “Flower Sutra General Assembly.”

“Buddha’s Teachings Shine Gloriously, Borderless Abyss of Suffering, and the Flower Sutra General Assembly” were the three symbolic activities of the Feast of All Souls.[1]


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