The entire cavern established within the interior of Fire Horn Mountain was known as “Fire Cloud Hall.” It was constructed entirely from the Fire Crystal indigenous to Fire Horn Mountain, and it was constructed with the utmost care and attention. The Fire Qi was pressing, and it dispersed over the towns in the hall’s surroundings. Although it could not compare in elegance, it nevertheless was embellished with a secretly allowed Fire Spirit Magic Circle. Even though it welcomed enemies, it was a superb array. Fire Cloud Hall’s interior was very enormous, with a hundred or so stone rooms ten zhang tall. Fire crystals acted as stools, and the ground was covered with fire pelts. Infernos burned, the high temperature was strong, and the odd flora and essence jade of Fire Spirit decorated very luxuriously.

This Fire Horn Mountain at the Center District Deer Pursuit attained a small escape. Relying on the exceptional geography and environment, no one rushed over to provoke them. In this Fire Horn Mountain, besides the Fire Shadow Clan, there were also more than ten Fire natured clans as well as several Demi Kings with more than five thousand Demi Troops. However, the Fire Shadow Clan relied on their innate skills to take possession of these precious grounds in the Fire Horn Mountain.[1]


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