a borderline mountain top of Center District Deer Pursuit

Fire Horn Mountain, although it only had a range of less than several ten thousand li, Fire Horn Mountain was actually a volcano. All year round, there was a raging inferno, rushing into the horizon. From far away, the temperatures were extremely high. Let alone humans, even cultivators were incapable of enduring the high temperatures, and the temperatures in the middle need not be said.

The one governing Fire Horn Mountain was the Fire Shadow Clan.6 These clan members were Fire Energy experts, controlling fire as if it was an arm, very exceptional. The Fire Shadow Clan’s character was violent like a flame’s. The surrounding Demi Clan Cultivators all were not willing to provoke them. Originally, Su Xing was not at all willing to travel to this Fire Horn Mountain, but it seemed Qu He was very anxious to rush back because going to Fire Horn Mountain could save a few days’ time.[1]

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