The Five Spirits Heavenly Book altogether was divided into the Five Elements and five scrolls, recording Liangshan’s Five Elements Great Secret Technique. Regarding the Five Elements Astonishing Thunders’ cultivation, perhaps no other text of secret arts could be even more comprehensive than the Five Spirits Heavenly Book. For anyone that received one of these scrolls, even if it was not a Five Elements Astonishing Thunder that could be refined into a great power.[1]

The Five Spirits Law Heavenly Books were ancient books, containing the Immortal Magic powers of Heaven and Earth and Five Elements. Su Xing also was not unfamiliar, for long ago he had obtained the Blooming Water volume of the Five Spirits Law Heavenly Book to cultivate the Blooming Water Divine Thunder. For this reason he was even able to mix the Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder. Su Xing naturally knew these Immortal Magics sometimes were slightly more powerful than magic weapons. However, the Five Spirits Law Heavenly Book had been lost for several millennia, and he had not heard of the history of other volume[2]

Classification Edit

Books Edit

  • Earth Book
  • Fire Book
  • Water Book
  • Wind Book
  • Thunder Book

Scrolls Edit

  • Blooming Water Scroll
  • Creative Gold Scroll
  • Receptive Wood Scroll
  • Clinging Fire Scroll
  • Gentle Earth Scroll


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