The Five Spirits Magic Sarira is a legendary tool refinement master’s highest product. The most top-notch tool refinement master on his deathbed can urge the True Flame in his body to concentrate the best feature of his body into a single piece. This is the Five Spirits Magic Sarira. This kind of Five Spirits Magic Sarira is made with the heart blood of a top-notch tool refinement master, and it could be said to be an item anyone would yearn for day and night.”

Of course, this sort of Five Spirits Magic Sarira was not that easy to find. Only those pinnacle tool refinement masters that willingly produced it could work, and in the case this tool refinement master did produce it, then he would have reached the end of his life. It could be said that the tool refinement master traded his life for it, and it would not necessarily be produced every time.

The Five Spirits Magic Sarira was even more legendary than the Buddhist Sarira. Once, the Crystal Dragon King’s Palace came out with a Five Spirits Magic Sarira, and its worth in gold was more than a hundred billion liang!

Besides tool refinement skill not at the level of a great scholar’s, using it for a tool refinement’s pinnacle True Flame is very much on the level of a great scholar. A tool refinement master’s True Flame needed to accumulate a hundred years be able to refine a Five Spirits Magic Sarira. Its power naturally could be imagined.[1]

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