Gong Caiwei is person Su Xing met while solving riddle in place southern of Heavenly Water City.

Appearance Edit

The girl’s clothes were purer than snow, for they were utterly spotless. That pair of clear eyes carried with them an outstanding and extraordinary heroic spirit. Compared with Panther Head Lin Yingmei, she definitely didn’t lose out. Even more splendid than frost, clearer than snow! Using these eight words on her was simply impeccable.

The girl was even colder than ice, her facial expression not showing the slightest bit of change. It would seem that she was as cold as ice, but the person herself had shown a contrary and easy-going demeanor. [1]

Background Edit

She was the most precious daughter of His Highness, having acted as a Star Master from childhood, practicing sword arts at the Heavenly Ice Sacred Temple with the “Queen Consort of Ice.” Relying on her innate talent, her mastery of fencing was outstanding. Even several Star Generals would not necessarily be a foe to her.

Because Gong Caiwei’s sword techniques were outstanding, much like a handsome and strong god descended. Every movement was filled with a terrifying heroic spirit, so the rest came to call her the “Immortal Hero Princess.”

Her might could clearly be seen.

“Gong Caiwei’s father is Liangshan Continent’s premier dynasty–the Great Liang Dynasty’s prince, studying at the Heavenly Ice Sacred Palace. This sort of background can be said to be growing up with a gold spoon in her mouth. Wind blows when she wants it, rain falls when she wants it. She’s definitely not his daughter in name only.[2]

Plotline Edit

She worked together with Su Xing in the Flower Dragon Cave, because two Star Masters were needed to open the seal surrounding the water dragon. She fought together with Su Xing and when they finally defeated the old beast, it sprayed pink, aphrodisiac fluid onto them as its final resort. As they were at the end of their ropes they were unable to circulate their Star Energy to resist the, otherwise not lethal situation. When Su Xing lost control and was about to eat her up, her tears knocked his senses back to him, consequently he controlled his desires circulating the Heart Like Mirrors Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique, and he kissed her to share the technique circulation with her, thus aiding their situation before passing out. When he woke up, he discovered her dressed neatly at his side, even though she could have killed him when he was unconcious, as star masters were enemies.

When the time for plundering the Purple Grade Birth Outline treasure came, she protected Su Xing and helped him take the Birth Treasure Outline, she even fought will Zhao Hanyan to be less implicated. Su Xing was extremely grateful for her actions.

She went to Evil Smithing Hall in the third phase to capture her Star Generals' Star Beast she encountered Great Saint Starkiller and got defeated, with Zhu Sha sent back to her Star Nest. She ran up to a shining gold light - a pile of gold, and encountered Su Xing on the top. Su Xing currently was helping the Noble Star, Chai Ling capture her Star Beast, being her body guard. Wu Siyou helped them fight Guan Ying, Great Saint Starkiller's Star General. With Su Xing and Gong Caiwei teaming up against Great Saint Starkiller. When she defends Su Xing with her body she protects her in return, leaving her flabbergasted at his humor. Later, when Chai Ling's Star Beast was captured and it was time to leave, he refused to leave because he knew she would die should he leave. This left poor Caiwei extremely touched, with conflicted feelings while also being completely shocked at his nerves to still joke around in the dire life threatening situation.

Techniques Edit

  • Cold Ice Palm
  • Snow Soul Sword Arts

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Trivia Edit

  • She refused to sign contract with Gongsun Huang, because she did not want to destroy the balance of the ten great sects, and did not want unnecessary trouble.
  • She has a bright mind.


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