This fortress is Thousand Mount Kingdom’s most crucial stronghold. It is over three hundred miles away from Song Clan Village, and it was under command of the kingdom’s Crown Prince, Gou Zi.[1]

Even though Thousand Mount Kingdom was only a small kingdom in the Liangshan Continent, the Grand Border Fortress still had an impressive aura. The walls of the fortress were 15 metres high and 10 kilometres long. A watch tower was stationed every 150 metres, and about half the distance between each watchtower was the effective range of the arrows. It was easily capable of killing any approaching enemies. Even though he had been in Liangshan Continent for some time, this was the first time Shu Jing had came in contact with one of this world’s cities.

The Grand Border Fortress was several times larger than Song Clan Village. Its walls were white and adorned with green tiles, its barricade full of engravings, and its material made from jade. Buildings connected together on and on, with no shortage of people in colourful clothing coming and going, creating a bustling atmosphere in the air.[2]


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