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Guo Xue is 55th ranked Star Maiden.


A maiden like cold as ice and frost stood against the wind. Her pupils approached the coldness of snow. On her head was a three pronged hat, a clump of timely snow at the top; on her body was steel plate armor, draped with a thousand pinpricks of frost. Her white robes glowed with the light of the sun, the silver flowers she wore were close to the moon. In her hand swung a cold halberd of twisted silver, and her back was full of white clothes and white armor, making the girl’s curves extremely highlighted.Her appearance was cold enough to break ice, but she nevertheless was exceptionally attractive.[1]


She was cold like ice. Her battle technique was ice-cold to the extreme. The girl was extremely steady and calm.[2]


She is seen as a part of Song Qingci's Uprising group in the Evil Smiting Hall during the third phase of Star Duels while she is capturing her Star Beast. She is assigned Wu Xinjie as a target.

She and Song Qingci go after Wu Xinjie but end up entrapped by the Nine-Tailed Spirit Fox. They team with Su Xing against the Star Beast. They leave soon after the battle.

She is killed sometime later in the story.


Dark Rank Technique: Thousand Years Cold Nights Left Long