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Heart Like Mirrors Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique was obtained by Wu Xinjie when she solved the riddle of Mountain Lake Legacy.[1]

Later, when she signed contract with Su Xing, she gave it to him.

This “Heart Like Mirrors” Technique was indeed a Soul Technique that countless people all over the Liangshan Continent pursued for hundreds of years. Soul Techniques had three realms, each level consisting of ten techniques. The first level, “Stable Heart,” cultivated the mind. Whatever happened, one must keep still and unshaken. Using the Absolute Sincerity Technique didn’t only help Su Xing absorb the Deviance Star’s Star Energy, it was even indispensable for when he cultivated the Chaotic Tail Escape. The pain of death was not like a tranquilizer, and the two complemented each other to the point that practicing them together was like putting a fish back in water.[2]


  • Heart Still As Water
  • See Mountains Not As Mountains[3]
  • Still Water[4]


They were obtained when Su Xing entered realm "See Mountains Not As Mountains"[3]:

  • Oneness of Heaven and Man: a type of excellent qi hiding technique. Compared with the Thief Star Shi Qian’s Wordless and Communicative, it was not at all inferior.
  • Mirror Without a Stand: set to guard the mind, expelling fantasies and warding off evil spirits, demons and monsters, magic noises and demon technique, none lacking rapid escape. 
  • Empty Mountains and Rivers then: granting and displaying a fantastical landscape to trap the target. However, it required expending enormous amounts of Star Energy and could not necessarily succeed.


  • Su Xing broke through the first level during fight with effects of aphrodisiac.[5]