Great Liang Dynasty's forbidden array.

Appearance Edit

The Astrological Divination Pavilion’s four to five hundred square meter was arranged with a profound great array. This array was mutually reflective, with a hundred and eight stars mechanisms. Among them were a few stars mechanisms that were clearly dim. Close to a hundred male and female cultivators each standing someplace above the stars, incantations rushing forth, incessantly forming hand seals. For a while, the sound of hollow spirits lingered. Each mechanism flickered with a bizarre luster, slowly emerging in large numbers, continuously changing.Standing at the Heavenly Spirit Star Position was a youth bound in a hooded cloak, his mouth chanting a cryptic language, his hand holding a token and small banner.

This array was known as the “Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Star Image Array.” This was something initiated by the Great Liang Dynasty’s national scholar Mo Shangxian.5 Not only was he a Supreme Grade Mechanism Great Master, he was also an extremely powerful magic circle expert. Every sort of array combined with the one hundred and eight Stars in the sky evolved into the sun, moon and stars, a prehistoric starry sky, capable of reacting to the positions of the one hundred eight stars and could be rated as profound.

Emperor Liang was such an exceptionally stubborn man that right now, he actually activated this Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Star Image Array solely to find one person.Battling the Purple Thunder Monster, although Emperor Liang seized two of Su Xing’s Star Weapons, as far as Emperor Liang was concerned, this simply lacked any meaning at all. By all possible means, something like the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo had to be taken back. Judging from that Monster’s personality, he feared that the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo would be used to harm Liangshan, so Emperor Liang did not hesitate to pay the price of activating this Forbiddance Great Array.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Array was destroyed by Chao Wuhui.
  • This aaray ifnforbidden magic used tonfind Star Generals.


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