No need to envy This Holy Lord. This round of Star Duels naturally is something in This Holy Lord’s bag. The kind of supporting characters such as yourselves should obediently wash clean your necks.
Holy Lord of Draconic Demon egoistically to Su Xing[1]

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon possesses two incredible Star Generals.

  • Longevity Star Li Jun
  • Correct Star Fan Rui

Appearance Edit

A young man, his body lanky, wearing over his body a black changpao of Black Gold Armor. On his back was a gorgeous and flamboyant cloak, its high collar covering everything below his nose, seeming as if he was an assassin. However, his tall and straight neck, his demonic black eyes all actually brimmed with a sort of sinister charm.[2]

Techniques Edit

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon inherited the “Demonic Comprehension” skill of the Demon King of Chaos. He possessed an excellent understanding of every sort of Devil School cultivation method, and acted as the one the Heavenly Underworld Sect nurtured from youth to be a Star Master. From when he was little, he began to cultivate Devil Cults’ sinister and malicious Eighteen Layer Avici, cultivating layer by layer. An oppressive twenty years then created today’s insufferably arrogant  Holy Lord of Draconic Demon. This kind of tyranny would feel egotistical to others. No one was in his eyes, but to the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, this was power.

Equipment Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He steped into Galaxy Middle Stage in three years.


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