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The Star Duels are naturally you die and I live. There absolutely is not a second possibility. If you do not kill Me now, then someday, you will regret it.
Hua Wanyue to Su Xing[1]

Hua Wanyue is ninth ranked Star Maiden. Among the Sisters, the Hero Star was classified as a peak Star General.

Hua Wanyue had been called Maiden Mountain’s “Arrow Spear Double Absolute.” Besides her outstanding bow and arrow skills, her close combat short spear fighting was also distinguished.[2] 


A girl whose face was picturesque. Her pupils cut water, and she wore a silver crystal cap. Her black hair was satiny, and though what she wore was odd, her soldierly palace dress was stunning. It was not a beautiful purple snow, but the elegant black and white lines that accentuated her slender figure, especially at this time when the woman had stuck out her chest and sucked in her belly. The stance of her two hands pulling a large bow made an even greater contrast between the woman’s physique and her budding grace.

The wind lightly rose. Her red lips pursed against her fine, black hair. Her expression was arrogant and dignified, yet it would not make others disgusted. It was as if she took this for granted, particularly now, when she opened the bow to shoot an arrow, standing like a divine soldier.

If the first impression was absolute beauty, then the second would be an absolute extraordinary martial air.[3]

Extradinarily soliderly in appearance. She wore a white pleated skirt. Her lapel, sleeves as well as her skirt had a black border. The lines were refined, and her physique was elegant in any posture. She wore a silver crystal tuinga, her silky hair dancing in the air. [4]


The Hero Star had her own bottom line. This bottom line and Su Xing’s bottom line were basically the same – in the future Star Duels, Hua Wanyue would not be enemies with Su Xing and would she be willing to help him, but if the latter became hostile, she would not be polite.[5]


Hua Wanyue is first seen talking Chai Ling about the location of Song Qingci. Although prior generations of Hua Wanyue had already made a contract with a Master by this stage in the Maid Battles, knowing the previous winner of the Maid Battles had been Wu Konghou, a Star Maiden without a Star Master, she decides she would attempt to do the same. She helps with the killing of Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal.

She aids Su Xing and Qu He from their encounter with the Sky Falling Great Sage Roc Demon King as a part of the group Uprising, led by Song Qingci.

She is seen in the Fairyland Spirit Platform battling her giant luan bird Star Beast, Heavenly Hero Red Luan. Although she causes quite a bit of damage on it, the Star Beast overwhelms her and she falls down from the sky. She free falls into a body of water. Su Xing, who is awaiting news from An Suwen, notices her body plunged into the water. Su Xing immediately rushes forward to her aid, knowing she had helped him twice before. He uses his twelve swords to block an attack directed at her and grabs the feeble Hua Wanyue and helps move her away from the attacks. After Hua Wanyue loses conciousness, the exhausted giant luan bird makes a bombardment of attacks that Su Xing protects against, before it leaves the area. 

After An Suwen arrives, she uses Spiritual Aura Distribution to recover her vitality and sticks the Child And Mother Linked Hearts Needles into Hua Rong’s body, fully using a Dark Rank Magic – Life Returning Magic Hands. After recovering, Hua Wanyue questions Su Xing about his motives for helping her, believing her ninth rank was too enticing for any Star Master to not want to take advantage of. After Su Xing explains the help he received from her in the past, she reiterates her position of being enemies. Su Xing yields and states they would return to being enemies after this encounter. She quickly leaves despite An Suwen's warning but is then attacked by surprise and falls into Su Xing's embrace. Lu Fang, a member of Uprising, ambushes them and explains her intent to take Hua Wanyue from Su Xing by force, claiming he harbors ill intent. After Hua Wanyue refuses, Lu Fang battles Su Xing. Hua Wayne, discontent with owing someone, uses her Star Weapon to shoot an arrow at Su Xing and Lu Fang, unaware Lu Fang has already left. She thanks them and they eventually part ways.

Later in the story, she signs a Star Convenant with Su Xing.


  • Wanyue means graceful.
  • Due to going through "Double Sevens" with Wanyue, her star nest was not destroyed after copulation. (Ch 672)



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