The Hundred Corpse Centipede was categorized as a type of Ancient Demon Insect. It lived beneath the ground, feeding on rocks and earth, using Yin Qi as nutrition. It could easily breach any cave, and its body reportedly had millions of larvae. With a tremble of its hundred feet, it got its name from the seeming torrential downpour. In the event these centipedes made contact, they would immediately drill into a person’s skin and eat them clean. In addition, this Hundred Corpse Centipede had been nourished by Yin Qi. Its attacks were specialized nasty artifacts and cultivation methods; usual methods would have difficulty protecting against these.

Appearance Edit

A dark red centipede ten times the normal size climb out. With sharp sawteeth, a meter in length, that hundred feet of pitch-black and complete red was exceedingly terrifying.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • It was found in Qiankun Tomb.
  • It was devoured by An Suwen's Essence Swallowing Dragons.


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