The “Intertwined Branch” was an Immemorial Secret Treasure. It took the “Golden Cassia Intertwined Tree” a thousand years to have two mature Intertwined Branches. Created using a forging and melting flame of the mind, its pair of swords required the Essence Blood and Divine Intent of lovers in order to work. When the Divine Intents were arranged, then the man and woman pair were not allowed to have any harmful intentions towards the other party. Otherwise, under the spell, a party would be in so much pain they would wish for death, and if any one party died, the other would suffer damage if the party was personally killed by the hand of the other. Even if the counterpart died, if the Intertwined Branch withered, the party’s own mind would be extinguished, going to the underworld together.

It could even be said to be a genuine “on Earth, we will become two branches that will never separate.”

History Edit

At the time Zhao Hanyan took out the Intertwined Branched, she did not know at all this sword’s name, after all, the Intertwined Branch Swords that had not been seen in a thousand years was just a legend. This was only a memento left behind for her by her mother, who said it was for when she would meet a difficulty in the future, to find a beloved man and use this sword together with him, and that difficulty would be easily solved. Zhao Hanyan only took it to be a powerful magic weapon that was to be used by a man and woman together. Otherwise, if she had known that she would sign a lifelong contract with a man, Zhao Hanyan would rather have died instead of doing so.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Legend says ‘Vega’s Tears’ can heal every injury of passion and contract, or it can erase the intertwining.


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