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Jiang Shuishui is the 53rd Star Maiden.

Divine Mathematician Jiang Jing was also considered spiritual energy type Star General among the one hundred and eight, but her computing ability was very powerful. There was one major characteristic, and that was she could calculate the mysteries behind a certain event. Her innate skill is Divine Calculation.[1]

Diving Mathematician Jiang Jing was a Spiritual Energy Star General, degenerate in martial arts, but she had an extremely incredible ability.

This was Divine Calculation.She would use a hymn that could calculate the good and bad luck of a situation.The hymn Jiang Jing gave Chai Ling was – “Riches and honor come from danger, but a defeat in a millenium!”[2]


The girl was beautiful. Her thin and long hair cascaded over her shoulders, and she wore a gorgeous dress, her head was bound with a dull red cover.

She showed a sort of approachable manner.[3]


She meets Su Xing after he and his Star Maidens request her to calculate their future to bloom the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed.

She sacrifices herself to save Su Xing.