Jiao Ruoxue is 98th ranked Star Maiden.

Appearance Edit

A tall and wonderful woman. She had a purple ponytail that hung down to her butt, and she wore revealing clothes, exposing a large amount of her snowy skin, skin that appeared appeared supple and full yet brimming with an explosive energy. This gave people a sort of feeling of mediocrity from those developed muscles.[1]

Birth Treasure Outline Status Edit

Star Position: Evil Star

Star Name: Jiao Ting

Nickname: Faceless

True Name: Jiao Ruoxue

Rank: Ninety-eighth

Star Weapon: Heaven And Earth Inverted Boxing Gloves (Four Star)

Star Beast: Wind Past Mountain

Realm: Ten Thousand Techniques Seventh Stage

Innate Skill: Thirty-six Roads Dragon Capturing Hand

Five Elements: Metal

Yellow Rank Special Move: Mountain Break

Dark Rank Special Move: Heaven And Earth Inverted/Dragon Fist

Current Status: Contractor (Huangfu Tianyi)


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