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This child, Hongxue, is too tsundere. Precisely as Junior Brother Su Xing said to the extreme, she has been spoiled and needs someone to discipline her. When I heard someone could chide her, I actually wanted to make friends with him. I must implore that you do not mind the matter that occurred just now.
Jiao Shu to Su Xing about Ruan Hongxue[1]

Jiao Shu is Fire Cloud Peak’s Chief Elder Disciple. Known as one of the Four Styles School’s Four Great Disciples, his sword arts were very exceptional.


Man whose face was smart and bright, with red lips and white teeth. He was an elegant man of approximately twenty-seven or twenty-eight years. His forehead was full, his Essence Qi deep and resounding, Divine Intent surging. Although he was only Galaxy Early Stage, it seemed he had practiced Secret Techniques and such.




He was called by Ruan Hongxue in order to get her revenge against Su Xing. After he and Su Xing battled with Divine Intents, Jiao Shu appoligized seeing other side is stronger.He then wanted to become friends with Su Xing.