Li Longkui is 22nd ranked Star Maiden.

Liangshan Continent was fond of using “Fiend Star” to address Star Generals, but there was only one among the one hundred and eight Star Generals that genuinely could count as the Fiend Star. This was the ranked twenty-second Killer Star Black Whirlwind Li Kui. Naturally fond of killing, she possessed formidable battle senses. When she launched into a frenzy, whatever ability or magic weapon was totally ignored.[1]

Appearance Edit

A woman of extremely high stature. She had a panel skirt, shorts and a black armband. Her riding boots tread heavily; her embroidered tube top was not covered with any outer garments, and she had black shoulder pads and gloves. Her fine, long black hair was bound with a gorgeous bandage inscribed with talisman script, which was even demonically beautiful to the extreme. Apart from this she did not have too many accessories. Her attires could be considered bold, and she revealed a great expanse of skin that was not white, but a sort of tan.

If Qingci could be said to be like that expression that could only be drawn, nevertheless, that would be a slightly regretful beauty. Then, this tall woman was just like a beautiful asura trapped in a prison, covered in a murderous aura from head to foot. Those black pupils demonically fierce, forcing others to not dare gaze at them.[2]

She was tall in stature with a baleful arrogance. Her hands clenched two clumps of gloom, her eyes completely lacking emotion, as if she was a puppet, but occasionally there were rays of cruel light that flit by that demonstrated this girl’s innermost desire to kill.

Personality Edit

The Killer Star’s eyes always had only two kinds of people – the Sisters that followed Elder Sister and the Sisters that died under her axe.[3]

Birth Outline Status Edit

Star Position: Killer Star

Star Name: Li Kui

Nickname: Black Whirlwind

True Name: Li Longkui

Rank: Twenty-second

Star Weapon: Bereaved Immortal Lofty Slaughter (Two Star)

Star Beast: ???? (? Rank)

Realm: Ten Thousand Techniques Fourth Stage

Innate Skill: Loss Of Pain Perception

Five Elements: Wood

Yellow Rank Special Move: Little Demon Slaying

Dark Rank Technique: Wild Dance Of Demons And Gods

Current Status: Uprising (cannot be conquered)


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