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Li Xiangfei is 26th ranked Star Maiden. The Longevity Star River Dragon was the number one naval force among the 108 Maiden Mountain sisters. The twenty-sixth ranked Longevity Star River Dragon Li Jun could be rated as abnormal, especially in naval combat. Her Star Magic was terrifying; even if it was the strongest military strength Star General, they would not have the confidence to fight the Longevity Star on the water and win.[1] Her Star Weapon is the White Night Dragon Carving Sword/White Night Dragon Carving Lance


A gorgeous and enchanting girl.[1]


She is first seen helping her master, Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, defeat Li Yun and her master.

While fighting in the Yellow Sea, she, alongside her master and his other star general, is seen drowning Tong Hua and her master. Su Xing is there to witness this and ultimately confronts them. They fight over the Astral Treasure with Su Xing that appears there. Their fight, however, is stopped by Lu Xiao and Wu Siyou.

She and Holy Lord of Draconic Demon are surprised attacked by Su Xing and Gongsun Huang in the Evil Smiting Hall during the third phase of Star Duels. She is defeated by Gonsun Huang during their battle.


  • The Longevity Star’s martial force was not too high, but if she relied on a Star Magic surprise attack, then attacked with her Star Weapon, also borrowing the Mixed Seas Innate Skill, even the Jade Qilin Lu Junyi would have to be slightly careful.[2]
  • She was chopped in half by Gongsun Huang.[2]