Don’t all of you incredible Heavenly Stars always never look upon us Earthly Star Sisters? Is that not so? You must be thinking, ‘Aiya, they all are a flock who know not the immensity of Heaven and Earth. Little Sisters that seek their own death, you are not an opponent no matter how you upgrade or how hard you try,’ right? Elder Sister Hua Rong!
— Lu Fang to Hua Wanyue[1]
Lu Fang is 54th ranked Star Maiden.

Appearance Edit

youthful woman sauntered out. The short hair neatly on the back of her head was bound into several pig tails. She had yellow pupils, and the corner of her mouth slightly curled, a self-conceited attitude. She had quite a masculine air, her style of dress very sexy.

How did she dress? There was:

On her head was a cap with a feather, golden rings and jade ornaments; on her body was a Hundred Flowers Robe, a brocade with an embroidered design. Her armor was laid with thousand of fire dragon scales, her belt was wrapped with a cornelian, and her hand held a vermilion Sky Piercer. Underneath her armor, she had completely scarlet clothes and red armor.It made people feel she was very angry.[1]

Personality Edit

She was furious like fire, an abundance of ferocity but a deficiency of skill.

Birth Treasure Outline Status Edit

Star Position: Aid Star

Star Name: Lü Fang

Nickname: Little Marquis of Wen

True Name: Lü Fang

Rank: Fifty-fourth

Star Weapon: Vermilion Colored Blood (Three Star)

Star Beast: ??? (? Rank)

Realm: Thousand Militaries Ninth Stage

Innate Skill: Outburst

Five Elements: Gold

Yellow Rank Special Move: Blood Kill

Dark Rank Special Move: Disaster Of Blood Light

Current Status: Uprising (cannot be conquered)


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