Meditative Mind Lotus Flower is Buddhism’s Supreme Secret Treasure. Chao Gai testing Su xing like this is somewhat strange. There are a few rumors of the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower. Many Buddhist Cultivators practiced Meditative Mind to a paramount realm and could bloom a golden lotus. The powers of those Buddhas, arhats and vajras could be promoted several realms. Since ancient times, those that could blossom a Meditative Mind Lotus Flower were all Buddha-like characters. To have Su Xing, who was a layman of the Buddhist path go bloom this Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, and in such a short time, simply was an impossible affair.[1]

The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower was Buddhism’s supreme secret technique. Only those sorts of cultivators who truly achieved supreme enlightenment could possibly comprehend it. This Meditative Mind Lotus Flower represented that a cultivator had the highest achievement in Buddhism. Legend said that when this technique emerged, the three thousand Buddhist sects and millions of dharmas would be instantly comprehended with a snap of the fingers. However, the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower honestly was too demanding. Even the Buddha Kingdom Six Ancestors were unable to bloom one.

In the Buddha Kingdom, there was only one person who had blossomed the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, and he was treated as a Buddha-like existence.And he was precisely Holy Monk Four Noble Truths![2]

How to bloom it? Edit

There are altogether three methods right now that can make Meditative Mind Lotus Flower bloom in a short time[3]:

  1. This first method is the most common, to hear a senior monk propagate dharma. Comprehend the meditative mind, and the lotus seed will naturally bloom. This way relies on “chance.” Sometimes, comprehending the meditative mind may make it blossom. This meditative mind is a mystery within a mystery, and sometimes, it is possible to make that comprehension instantly. Other times, you can pass away and have nothing to show for it.
  2. The second way is that adding the Three Existence Marks to the body reportedly can make the lotus flower blossom, however, the precondition is that there must be a Meditative Mind Lotus Seed.
  3. Contracting the Heavenly Solitary Star Flowery Monk Lu Zhishen.


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