Ha, ha, ha, ha, in This Lady’s capacity as an assassin, she has obtained a Star Beast without having signed a Duel Covenant. Ha, ha, ha, ha, I, Mu Duiying, truly am a genius, ya, ya, ya, ya.
Mu Duiying[1]

Mu Duiying is 80th ranked Star Maiden.

Little Restrained was an assassin, after all, not very good at direct confrontations.


Wrapped in black night clothes, her posture was graceful, her hands and feet equipped with fishnet style pads and stockings, and she had a pair of gleaming purple eyes.[1]

Birth Outline Info

Star Position: Guardian Star

Star Name: Mu Chun

Nickname: Little Restrained

True Name: Mu Duiying

Rank: Eightieth

Star Weapon: Frost Moon Ruinous Light (Three Star)

Star Beast: ???? (? Rank)

Realm: Ten Thousand Techniques First Stage

Innate Skill: Perception

Five Elements: Metal

Yellow Rank Special Move: Dark Attack

Dark Rank Special Move: Flickering Light Passing Shadows


Talkative and a bit dumb. The Little Restrained should have been called Unrestrained. To speak of it, her mouth was truly unrestrained, incoherently speaking in excitement. Those who knew would believe this was happiness that grew from the bottom of her heart from soaring through the skies on a Flying Sword for the first time. Those who did not know would believe a lifelong spinster had encountered a rapist.


This Guardian Star honestly was dedicated. She obviously knew she basically could not possibly be the Killer Star’s opponent, yet she still was unwilling to concede defeat. Only because of a vague promise, Su Xing honestly was somewhat in admiration.[2]


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