The so-called “become an outlaw” was a special existence among the Star Masters that could be understood as the secret hideout of cultivation. Star Masters that cultivated in such a place as a secret hideout could halve their efforts while doubling their results, otherwise, for what reason would Star Masters make people jealous. And was it not just because they held exceptional advantages; not only did did they have the deadly Stars as fierce fighters, even their cultivation was in this way faster than a normal person’s.

However, this becoming an outlaw was not that easy to handle. And that would have been nonsense, for Liangshan Continent never had such an inexpensive advantage. According to what Wu Xinjie said: Becoming an outlaw first of all required going to the Divination Star Platform to hear about permission to become an “outlaw.” The Outlaw Writ was also known as the “Token of Becoming an Outlaw” or “Liangshan Outlaw Certificate.” So long as one possessed this token, the unique gifts accompanying the Star Master could then start an unrivaled cultivation in their own secret training grounds.

Regarding the currently drifting Su Xing, this was definitely very moving. It was just that the Divination Star Platform was in the Great Liang Dynasty, and furthermore, this Outlaw Writ was not so easy to obtain. Relying on the Nebula Stage was still very dangerous; generally speaking, the majority of Star Masters all entered Galaxy Cultivation before they voluntarily became outlaws.[1]


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