Lady Snake Scorpion's poison Demon Beast. Killed by Su Xing in Poison Toad Pool.

The Poison Toad was an Ancient Demon Beast. Although it was only a Sixth Rank Demon Beast, it had the power to poison lakes. This Poison Pool was practically its magic weapon. Besides being able to endlessly heal its vigor and wounds, it could also use the poison swamp to instantly move.

Although encountering a Demon Beast like the Poison Toad was not surprising, actually seeing this monster was still somewhat thorny. This type of Poison Toad lived within the toxic gas of the swamp. The poison it sprayed could corrupt artifacts and magic weapons, damaging their spiritual powers.

Appearances Edit

This monster’s form was not large at three zhang wide and five, six zhang long. Its shape was apparently a large toad. Its skin had numerous pores and dimples, flowing ulcers all over its body, releasing a nauseating stink that made it appear somewhat disgusting. Furthermore, along with this monster’s croaking, its body emitted a black fog from time to time.[1]


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