Destined weapon of Noble Star Chai Ling.

The Red Ink Iron Certificate is a super powerful Star Weapon. Not only can it allow her to break away from the Star Duels, this Astral Treasure has a very big ability that is exactly to defend against any attack in this world. This has a price. The price’s premise is that she cannot participate in the Star Duels. If she participates, the Red Ink Iron Certificate loses its death exemption ability. Then her Destined Star Weapon naturally loses its usefulness, and without this Star Weapon, Chai Jin certainly is thoroughly deposed.[1]

Appearance Edit

A piece of jade appeared, approximately two chi long and two inches wide. The main focus of the jade piece was green colored glass, sparkling bright. It had a drifting shimmer, and around this jade piece were stars as far as the eye could see, lighting up the room with its sparkling.[2]


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