This Young Lady is but the best thief under heaven, with lots of professional ethics. How could she leave empty-handed.
Shi Yuan[1]
Shi Yuan is 107th ranked Star Maiden and the best thief under Heaven.

Shi Yuan was only ordinary in military strength, but her thoughts were meticulous, with top-notch light movements, possessing exceptional thievery arts. 

Appearance Edit

An oval-shaped face, slender phoenix eyes, cherry red lips, and a pleasant manner; she wore a skin-tight, black short-sleeved shirt, and tied around her spotlessly white neck was a flashy black scarf. The real treat for Su Xing’s eyes was the girl’s slender pair of legs unexpectedly wrapped in black fishnet stockings; the sex appeal was indeed incomparable.[2]

Personality Edit

The Thief Star’s nature had always been carefree and outspoken.

Techniques Edit

Items Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Her first kiss accidentally happened with Su Xing.[4]
  • The moment she encountered a hidden mechanism or secret compartment, she could not help pitting herself against it. This was second nature to the Thief Star. [5]
  • Even if she had signed a contract, she still liked to directly call out Su Xing’s name. [6]
  • She gave Su Xing underwater blowjob and in the same time performing Fine Ladies’ Essence Gathering technique.[7]
  • Thief Star very much hated talking reason with Buddhist monks. They completely were meant to trick people.[8]


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