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This Young Lady is but the best thief under heaven, with lots of professional ethics. How could she leave empty-handed.
Shi Yuan[1]

Shi Yuan is 107th ranked Star Maiden and the best thief under Heaven.

Shi Yuan was only ordinary in military strength, but her thoughts were meticulous, with top-notch light movements, possessing exceptional thievery arts. 


An oval-shaped face, slender phoenix eyes, cherry red lips, and a pleasant manner; she wore a skin-tight, black short-sleeved shirt, and tied around her spotlessly white neck was a flashy black scarf. The real treat for Su Xing’s eyes was the girl’s slender pair of legs unexpectedly wrapped in black fishnet stockings; the sex appeal was indeed incomparable.[2]


The Thief Star’s nature had always been carefree and outspoken.


Shi Yuan is introduced to Su Xing by An Suwen at Grindstone Mountain when she suggests stealing the Blooming Water Divine Thunder Technique from the Blooming Sword Sect. Shi Yuan makes a deal with Su Xing to steal the technique in exchange with helping her obtain the Mo Attack Treasure Box from the Mo Clan Ruins. Through their adventures, Shi Yuan grows fond of Su Xing but assumes he is unable to make another contract with another maiden and they eventually go their separate ways. After Su Xing comes back to save her after receiving a transmission message from Ancestor Baili, they kiss, discovering Su Xing has made another contract with Shi Yuan, becoming his third Star General.

Throughout the story, she serves as the spy of the group, either obtaining intel or stealing treasures from people.

At the end of novel, she climbs to Maiden Mountain with Su Xing.




  • Her first kiss accidentally happened with Su Xing.[4]
  • The moment she encountered a hidden mechanism or secret compartment, she could not help pitting herself against it. This was second nature to the Thief Star. [5]
  • Even if she had signed a contract, she still liked to directly call out Su Xing’s name. [6]
  • She gave Su Xing underwater blowjob and in the same time performing Fine Ladies’ Essence Gathering technique.[7]
  • Thief Star very much hated talking reason with Buddhist monks. They completely were meant to trick people.[8]