Silver Blade

Silver Blade (银剑) – An ornate handgun gifted to Su Xing when he attained the rank of Major. It is equipped with a bayonet and is capable of firing projectiles composed of Star Energy (星力).

Silver Blade weapon was given to Wu Xinjie by Su Xing when Su Xing advance to Galaxy Early Stage.[1]

Appearance Edit

The body of the silver pistol were etched with ancient decorative patterns. The gun was given to him as a commemorative gift when he was promoted to become the country’s youngest Major. The pistol also had a sharp, solid knife attached to it. The name of the gun was “Silver Blade”.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • When its bullets left its barrel, its power was comparable to a Nebula Stage Artifact, and when coupled with its rapid fire capability at such a close range, even a Nebula Early Stage cultivator would have a hard time.[3]


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