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He is Lady Snake Scorpion's husband.


A man tall and sturdy in stature. His appearance was magnificent, and beneath the surface, he had a sort of dignity characteristic of earthly monarchs. He was draped in a crimson cape, and embroidered on the cape were nine Five Claws Golden Dragons. His underclothes were silver armor, unlike silver or iron, it was unknown from what material it was constructed from. Although his attire was extremely arrogant, his breath was restrained and unrevealed, not angry but awe-inspiring.[1]


This imposing and reserved man was the overlord and commander of a part of the Vermilion Bird Territory, the “Sky Falling Great Sage Roc Demon King.”


He is first brought into the story having a conversation with his wife about their goal to take over the Vermillion Bird Territory. He attempts to kill Su Xing after he attempts to get some of the Lady Snake Scorpion's Star Generals' Blood to cure Gongsun Huang but ends up not being able to.

He is killed sometime later in the story


  • Giant Roc Spreads Its Wings And Flies Ninety Thousand Li