Aka Star Force user. Star Cultivators are cultivators in the Liangshan Continent who cultivate Star Energy.

Martial Practicioner Star Cultivators Edit

The so-called Martial Practicioner Star Cultivators specialized in training their bones and muscle, unlike those Star Cultivators that used Star Energy, but their martial arts achievements were very good. Simply put, Martial Cultivators were analogous to Star Generals, but without any Star Energy for support and that there were more Star Generals. [1]

Ghost Martial Cultivators Edit

The Ghost Martial Cultivators of the Falling Blossoms Gost Kingdom deserved to be described as the “demons among demons,” regardless of cultivation or sword chant, they were all entirely different from the usual cultivators. Their cultivation methods were strange, inferior and sinister. They practically moved towards a fatal area to attack, just like vipers in the darkness. Each and every attack was on the human body’s weakest joints. Falling Blossoms Martial Kingdom’s Ghost Martial Cultivators believed in demons among demons, always possessing a life pledge mentality. [2]


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