Stupa Saber Fast's Ancestral Master. He wanted to kill Wu Siyou but he was killed by her instead.[1]

As a cultivator specially cultivating sword techniques, he had always boasted as being the highest. The Stupa Saber Fast had used the Stupa Saber Technique to raise their reputation in the world, but unavoidably, they still were unavoidably compared to Star Generals, and the results need not be said, only endless mockery and disdain, as well as Stupa venting until he was nearly dead.

Although they were recognized as a Great Sect of Sword Cultivators that were looked up at, Stupa dreamed of defeating a Martial General, a genuine Star Maiden Martial General. It was precisely because his heart had this knot in existence, that Stupa began to be incapable of breaking through the Supercluster Late Stage bottleneck to enter the great Realm of the cultivators – Supervoid Realm. On this trip to the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda, he had originally wished to borrow the Holy Monk’s Chan Technique, to undo the knot in his heart. He did not anticipate that a freak accident would land with an encounter with Wu Song on the Fifth Floor.

The Pilgrim emitted from head to toe a sort of cool and elegant radiance that, with practically no consideration, could make all things in Liangshan Continent understand her identity.

Stupa also changed his aspiration. Compared to hearing that Chan Technique, the Stupa Saber Fast was even more accustomed to comprehending the essence of the Stupa Saber and Buddhism’s secret mysteries amidst endless sword fights.


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