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Two things fill the mind with ever-increasing wonder and awe, the more often and the more intensely the mind of thought is drawn to them: the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me.
Su Xing[1]

Su Xing is the male protagonist of the story. He is a fighter pilot who finds himself stranded in a different world after his test flight of a new aircraft goes awry. He is armed with Silver Blade, an engraved handgun with a bayonet. He is the Star Master of Lin Chong. His name was previously translated as Shu Jing.


A handsome young man.


On his way to becoming the number one pilot, his intuition, calmness and quick-thinking speed had always been his trump card.

Su Xing is neither arrogant nor overly greedy. He's a little perverted but respects woman's opinion and never forces himself on woman (even under the effect of aphrodisiac). He has a manner of rea al gentleman as he views Star Maidens as ordinary girls, not like a tools who only serve to satisfy his ambitions. He is loved by all his Star Maidens and they all want to have dea eper connection with him which is pretty rare (almost nonexistant) in the relationship between Star Master and Star General.

As a soldier he has a characteristic of honor, loyalty and duty but he is not foolhardy. Even in a new world ,he follows his principles from Earth.

In Su Xing’s heart, friends worth believing in were more important than his life.[4]


Su Xing is military aircraft pilot who while doing a demonstration flight on Earth, ended up (transported to another world) crashing into another world. On newly found Liangshan continent he is alone and his Star Maidens are his only support.


"The qilin's snow shines red, white wave raises golden wind, bright moon's inviting cup intoxicates a night!"

"The broken arrow beauty plays the konghou. The sound is faint for a millennium. Without her, your lifetime is nothing but a dream of golden millet."


Su Xing is a man who transmigrated from Earth to Liangshan Continent. His aircraft accidently crashes onto Lin Yingmei. Alone in unknown new world, he didn't know anything about Star Duels. In order to save Lin Yingmei, one of the Liangshan's famous Five Tiger General, he gave her artificial ventilation, through mouth-to-mouth resucitation, and while at the same time, unintentionally, forming a contract with her.

His relationship with Lin Yingmei was superficial at the start. At first Lin Yingmei was unsatisfied and disappointed because she, the famous Star General who had never signed contract, now signed contract with an amateur who even didn't know about the existence of Star Duels.

Although they only recently had signed a Star Covenant with each other, they are able to have an advantage when challenged to have a Star Maid Battle by Xun Huo and his Star General, Liu Qing'er. Although they are almost able to defeat them, they are stopped by an unknown Star Maid, later known as Lu Xiao, as she wishes them to battle only after the next stage of the Star Tournament begins.

While traveling, they meet an unknown female in a small town, named Wu Xinjie, later known as the Knowledge Star. While staying in the town he discovers a technique called the Chaotic Tail Escape Technique. After Su Xing is able to decipher a Mountain Lake Riddle, something no one had presumably been known to have solved, Wu Xinjie orchestrates a plan to have a Grand Border Fortress Prince, Gou Zi, capture Lin Yingmei so she could replace her as Su Xing's Star Maiden, as most Star Masters are only able to sign a Star Convenant with one Star Maiden. Su Xing, figuring out Wu Xinjie's ploy, confronts her and states he refuses to give up on rescuing Lin Yingmei and rejects her proposal to form a contract with her instead.

Wu Xinjie, conceding, manages to atone for her mistakes on Su Xing by helping save Lin Yingmei from an array and from Gou Zi and his subordinates. After Su Xing risks his life for Lin Yingmei in Thousand Mount Kingdom, Lin Yingmei wholeheartedly accepts him as her master. She willingly accepts a pill offered by Wu Xinjie, that would presumably paralyze her after its use. She defeats Elder Xiu, alongside Wu Xinjie, and Liu Qing'er. Su Xing and Lin Yingmei are challenged again by Xun Huo and Liu Qing'er when they were in their weakest state. Su Xing manages to kill Xun Huo by combining Chaotic Escape Technique and Silver Blade, the weapon he had brought over from Earth, allowing Lin Yingmei to kill Liu Qing'er.

Su Xing forgives Wu Xinjie for her scheme but requests she leaves as he would not be able to trust her in his party as she is not his Star General. She kisses him as a goodbye and, unintentionally signs his second Star General, Wu Xinjie. Now having formed a contract, Wu Xinjie offers Su Xing the Heart Like Mirrors Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique, something she obtained after actually being the first one to have completed the Mountain Lake Riddle.

The trio then go to Heavenly River City to find Divine Physician, An Suwen, because Lin Yingmei's recovery was stagnating from the harmful effects of the pill Wu Xinjie had given her. Although An Suwen had some reluctance to trusting Su Xing, a Star Master, after some time she began to have trust in him, later becoming sworn older brother and younger sister. When Su Xing came in Heavenly River City, it was a time of the coming event, Water and Land Assembly. In Heavenly Water City Su Xing met Gong Caiwei and they solved and looted a legacy of an old legend together. Gong Caiwei, impressed with Su Xing's performance, invites him to join her at the Dragon Flower Cave. During the Dragon Flower Cave Event, Su Xing kills a lot of disciples from the local sects and saves Xi Yue from her near death experience. Su Xing and Gong Caiwei meet again in the cave where they together kill Blooming Water-Dragon. Although the Blooming Water Dragon attempts to retaliate by emitting a sex hormone-enducing odor, Su Xing rejects the odor's effects to impulsively get intimate with Gong Caiwei as his moral judgement believes a forced sexual interaction is immoral.

Gong Caiwei takes the Dragon Soul while Su Xing gets the dragon's body and an alchemy pill. After obtaining the alchemy pill of Blooming Water Dragon, Su Xing began to practice Water Blooming Water Divine Thunder and because he needed a technique to improve his battle prowess, he hires the best thief under heaven, Shi Yuan. He helps Shi Yuan obtain Mo Clan's Mo Attack Mechanism Records and Shi Yuan steals for him the Blooming Water Divine Thunder technique (real and fake) from Blooming Water Sword Sect. After that Blooming Water Sword Sect retaliates and catches Shi Yuan as a bait to lure Su Xing, Su Xing comes to rescue her and kills a Supercluster Middle Stage Ancestral Master of Blooming Water Sword Sect. Touched by the act, Shi Yuan kisses Su Xing and, again, accidently signs a Star Duel Covenant with Su Xing. When Su Xing and the group realize he doesn't have restrictions for signing Star Duel Covenants, Wu Xinjie suggests he sign a contract with An Suwen as well, ending up with four Star Generals.

Being chased by Blooming Water Sword Sect which called an alliances of Ten Great Sect Killing Warrant, Su Xing decided it was good time to obtain an Outlaw Writ Plate, an object that allows a cultivator to create a safe space and cultivate at a higher pace than usual. On their way to obtain the Outlaw Writ Plate, they save a Star General, Bao Xiaoyu from being killed. Soon after they meet her young Star Master Han Yu. They talk on their way to the Outlaw Writ Plate and before entering the Divine Star Platform, Su Xing gives Han Yu the bag he obtained from the group trying to kill Bao Xiaoyu.

Su Xing choses and then enters the most difficult path at the Void Liangshan to obtained Purple Outlaw Pendant. There he meets Zhao Hanyan for the first time while she is 'polishing mirrors' with her Star General, Dong Junqing. After being discovered, Zhao Hanyan and Dong Junqing begin a Star Maid Battle with Su Xing and his Maidens. The fight is put on hiatus after a Crying Infant demon appears in the Platform. Both groups pause their fight to battle the Crying Infant. Sometime later during the battle, Zhao Hanyan and Su Xing are taken away from their respective maid generals by a Green-Feather Eagle demon who plans to use them as food for its offspring.

Managing to run away from the quick demon, they hide in a place where they are soon being covered by guano. While spending time here, Su Xing continously teases Zhao Hanyan and embraces her to help each other avoid the guano. To avoid being suffocated to death by the guano they use and form a thousand-year contract on the Intertwined Branch Sword to leave the area. Due to the pact made by Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan on the Intertwined Branch Sword, they are no longer to kill each other or have negative thoughts of one another, forming a pseudo-marriage pact with each other. When their Star Generals reunite with them, Zhao Hanyan uses Su Xing to battle a new demon and get her Outlaw Jade Pendant, leaving Void Liangshan soon after. Su Xing and his girls are, only in the last moment, able to obtain the Outlaw Jade Pendant by killing the already weakened Crying Infant.

When Su Xing and his Star Generals are leaving Star Divining Platform they meet Bao Xiaoyu and her Star Master Han Yu. Su Xing gives them an astral bag so they can protect themselves, and because of these kind gestures, Bao Xiaoyu gets a good opionion of Su Xing. She tells him about a Heavenly Star who is seeking a Star Master and that she would likely want someone like Su Xing to sign her because she was also good to her, helping her upgrade her Star Weapon. Su Xing gets interested and goes to Stone Tablet City where he finds out there were requirements that candidate would need to form a contract with this Heavenly Star. Su Xing passes all the challenges with flying colors and when it came to the last checkpoint, called the Military Slay Six Generals, where martial strength was tested, Zhao Cheng, the fourth prince of the Great Liang Dynasty and a candidate for the Star Maiden causes an unintended problem for the city. Because he was losing to Su Xing who was one step from signing the Heavenly Star, Zhao Cheng releases Ghost Cavalry King. Zhao Cheng overestimates himself and can't control it, he barely manages to escape alive. Su Xing, Lin Yingmei and Yan Yizhen work together. Su Xing's selfless acts towards Lin Yingmei and Yan Yizhen, helps with manifesting requirements of Yan Yizhen's Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow, a technique that helps manages to stop Ghost Cavalry King who escapes and runs to the Falling Cherry Ghost Kingdom. After the battle, Yan Yizhen decides she wants Su Xing as her Star Master, and forms a contract with him.

After signing Yan Yizhen, the required contracts needed for the second phase of Star Duels is met, and the events to obtain Birth Outlines begin. Before the Vermilion Bird Territory’s Birth Treasure Outline event begins, he runs across an obnoxiously-drunk person, later known to be Wang JIngzhi, at a local bar. He runs across Yan Wudao, in a bad state, and is given one of An Suwen's pills to help recover himself. During the Treasure Outline Event, the same "drunk" person is seen stealthily taking the Astral Treasure from the group who killed the monster. Although Su Xing asks Shi Yuan to go after her, she is unable to catch her.

Wu Xinjie finds Su Xing a sect, Four Styles School, because he needs to learn to refine the Immemorial Sword Chant. Su Xing easily gets accepted in Four Styles School where he becomes Ju Yueke's disciple and meets her other disciple,Tang Lianxin, who was pretending to be a boy. Per the request of Ju Yueke, Su Xing tries to get closer to Tang Lianxin, thinking Ju Yueke wants Su Xing to help with Tang Lianxin's antisocial behavior. When Tang Lianxin is being bullied by some students at the Four Styles School, Su Xing intervenes and defends her. Tang Lianxin, appreciative, begins helping Su Xing with his tool refinement skills. Sometime later, Su Xing notices Tang Lianxin in the bath and joins her. Tang Lianxin, after seeing Su Xing's body, faints. When Su Xing attempts to help her, he notices she is a female and takes her to her room and puts clotches on her. He promises Tang Lianxin he would keep her gender a secret.

Earthly Grade Birth Outline were easily obtained and even some weaklings got their share, but starting from Heavenly Grade Birth Outline things were not so easy as with previous because then even sects got involved themselves in the fight for plundering Birth Outlines. While trying to plunder a Heavenly Grade Birth Outline close to Four Styles School, Su Xing gets almost killed by Holy Lord of Draconic Demon because only Yan Yizhen was with Su Xing in that moment and there was a power discrepancy between both star cultivators, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon being slightly stronger. Su Xing luckily got saved by Lu Xiao and Wu Siyou, who made Holy Lord of Draconic Demon run for his life. When Wu Siyou heard Lin Yingmei signed a contract she was so enraged that she wanted to tear in shreds her contractor as she believed the Star Master had forced her. Fortunately for Su Xing, Lu Xiao keeps his secret, not letting Wu Siyou know Su Xing is that said contractor. When he returned to Immortal Abode he found out from Yingmei that she and Wu Siyou are close friends because both were without contracts for generations and the relationship between Panther Head and Pilgrim was always good. Lin Yingmei consoles Su Xing and firmly states that if Wu Siyou tries to harm Su Xing, she would stake her life to defend him.

When it came time to plunder the Purple Grade Birth Outline, all stong influences were present but Su Xing manages to steal the Heaven Tearing Dragon away from the Great Sects. While trying to obtain the Birth Treasure Outline, he is surrounded by Star Masters from Ten Great Sects. During this confrontation, Gong Caiwei and Zhao Hanyan help Su Xing from getting killed. When Wi Siyou comes to confront Lin Yingmei's master, she aids Su Xing, helping distract the Star Masters, giving Su Xing the ability to obtain the Birth Treasure Outline and to escape.

Even after successful plundering Su Xing returns to help Wu Siyou who was in a precarious situation, now being attacked by the elders of the Ten Great Sects. Su Xing, his Star Generals and Wu Siyou with the additional help of Gongsun Huang and Hua Wanyue manage to kill Elder Immortal Extreme Clarity. In this way, Su Xing and Wu Siyou now become the number one enemies of the Most High Path sects.

When Su Xing and girls returned to Immortal Abode, Wu Siyou was still unwilling to accept Su Xing as Lin Yingmei's master, believing he didn't deserve her. Wu Siyou wanted Su Xing to prove he deserves Ling Yingmei by going alone to obtain the Evil Smithing Writ needed to enter Evil Smithing Hall. His Star Generals reject this, and ultimately ends with Wu Siyou agreeing to go together with Su Xing to protect him in case of an emergency. Su Xing later finds out Wu Siyou uses this as an excuse to allow some time for Lin Yingmei to recover, who ends up injured during their battles with the Ten Great Sects, and to help mislead the Ancestors of the Ten Great Sects from Su Xing's group.

When they got in Vermilion Bird Territory Su Xing and Wu Siyou were acting as husband and wife in order to not alarm Ten Great Sects. Su Xing there met Gongsun Huang who was poisoned by Xie Diao and Xie Chan. In his attempts to cure his poision, he runs into Xie Diao and Xie Chan who are attempting to kill a girl named Qu He. He manages to take a couple of blood droplets from Xie Chan to cure Gongsun Huang. While he is fighting, he realizes the Lady Snake Scorpion and her husband are also out for revenge against him as he encounters the Sky Falling Great Sage Roc Demon King. The Sky Falling Great Sage Roc Demon King's speed is overwhelming, causing great grief to Su Xing as he is unable to escape from him. He is fortunately helped by Song Qingci and her group called Uprising (at the time composed of Li Longkui, Hua Wanyue, and Song Qingci). He parts ways with Uprising and he and Qu He get lost in the Vermillion Bird Territory. They end up at the Fire Horn Mountain. There, Su Xing beats Demi King Fire Horn and becomes the Great King of Fire Horn Mountain. He makes a master-slave contract with Tuoba Yan, the daughter of Demi King Fire Horn.

Su Xing makes it back to where Gongsun Huang and Wu Siyou are and offers the blood droplets to Gongsun Huang. Gongsun Huang shakes her head and instead asks him if he wants to make a contract with her, which can also cure her poison, becoming his sixth Star General. She then takes the blood droplets to quicken her recovery. Su Xing and Wi Siyou are invited to the the Danxia Banquet by Holy Mother Qi Xia. Using their supposed roles as Husband and Wife, Su Xing and Wu Siyou manage to obtain the Rainbow Light Glass Jade and the Thousand Bells Immortals Dew from the Holy Mother Qi Xia, who wishes to get closer to Wi Siyou. Holy Mother Qi Xia also offers them a dual cultivation book for s*x called the Fine Lady’s Essence Gathering as they are both considered husband and wife, much to Wi Siyou's annoyance.

Su Xing even managed to obtain Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon from Five Poisons Mountain in front of ancestors of Ten Great Sect and Lady Snake Scorpion. Su Xing and Wu Siyou fought against Enviless of the East but because he involved himself in Star Duels, Chao Wuhui appeared for the first time and sealed Enviless of the East and Zhong Qi in her seven-stories pagoda. Wu Siyou in front of the all presents declared Su Xing as her Lord Husband.

When Su Xing returned in Four Styles Schol, he decided to refine 12 Wood Swords and for that he needed Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo at least thousand years old so he and his Star Generals went to Heavenly Gem Valley where they met Heavenly Underworld Sect and Great Saint Starkiller. Su Xing fought with Great Saint Starkiller who was without his Star General and wasn't able to win against him. Their fight was interrupted by Emperor Liang who came because of Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo but Su Xing took it before him.

When Su Xing came to Immortal Abode with Tang Lianxin's help he refined 12 Langya Swords. After that Su Xing completed Four Styles Solitary Path and signed Tang Lianxin.

To get their Star Beasts, Star Generals must enter in Evil Smithing Hall with their Star Master even if they have contract or alone without a contract. So Su Xing needed to go in and out of Evil Smithing Hall eight times in order to help his seven Star Generals and Chai Ling get their Star Beasts. With Earthly Stars all, went very smooth but with Heavenly Stars, there was a little Trouble. Su Xing and Yan Yizhen obtained Yin Yang Carps with Zhao Hanyan's and Dong Junqing's help. In Evil Smithing Hall Su Xing took Lin Yingmei's virginty and after that they obtained her Star Beast. Gongsun Huang was an exception as she wasn't willing to waste Su Xing's time because they needed to go in the Buddha Kingdom in order for Su Xing to pass Chao Wuhui's test and bloom Meditative Mind Lotus Seed so she destroyed Evil Smithing Writ on her own and they got out of Evil Smithing Hall. Wu Xinjie's Star Beast was the biggest problem as it was Star Beast of third ranked Knowledge Star and it was very cunning. Su Xing and Wu Xinjie couldn't sign it, after that Su Xing took Wu Xinjie's virginity and Nine-tailed Fox saw that and got interested in this pair of lovers. She willingly signed a contract with Wu Xinjie and helped her get her second Star Weapon, Eight Gates Black Gold Chain.

When it came Chai Ling's turn, signing her Star Beast was very easy but they got unlucky to met Great Saint Starkiller and his Star General, Guan Ying with Four Stars Destined Star Weapon. Even though they could leave Evil Smithing Hall as soon as Chai Ling singed her Star Beast but Su Xing didn't want to go because of Gong Caiwei, as he was a man who was devoted to his friends. With Wu Siyou's and Su Xing's Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill they beat Great Saint Starkiller and Guan Ying and forced them to leave Evil Smithing Hall.

After almost all his girls got their Star Beasts, Su Xing, his Star Generals and Wu Siyou who was already considered Su Xing's Star General but because of overlord's pride, she didn't want to sign contract went to the Buddha Kingdom to bloom Su Xing's Meditative Mind Seed. There they met Heavenly Solitary Star Lu Shaqing who developed feelings for Su Xing while they were in the Pagoda to obtain monk Four Noble Truth's alms bowl and staff. When Su Xing mediated in Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp. he got attacked by Six Great Ancestors of Buddha Kingdom but with help of Lu Shaqing, Wu Siyou and his Star Generals, Su Xing bloomed Meditative Mind Lotus Seed. With bloomed Meditative Mind Lotus Seed he easily subdued Six Great Ancestors who were stopped by Lu Shaqing. Lu Shaqing signed contract with Su Xing but decided to stay in Buddha Kingdom in order to comprehend Meditative Mind and secret of Star Duels.

After leaving Buddha Kingdom, Su Xing got news from Chai Ling, Jiang Shuishui is in danger so he hurried to EcIIptic Palace but he was too late, Jiang Shuishui's Star Master was already killed because Jiang Shuishui was a core of Ecliptic Palace's plan to divine future of Star Duels. Jiang Shuishui sacrificed herself in order to help Su Xing.

On end of Evil Smithing Hall phase of Star Duels, Chao Wuhui told Su Xing that new challenges from Maiden Mountain are expected of him. Because only one month is left until the beginning of Three Heavenly Books phase of Star Duels, Su Xing and his Star Generals decided to part for one month in order to advance their weapons and get some new items for Su Xing.

Su Xing went with Zhao Hanyan on Black Turtle Territory to find place for new Immortal Abode and to scout Black Turtle Territory because it's the place where the fourth phase of Star Duels is going to be held. While sleeping in the inn they found two Star Maidens who fed them with aphrodisiac and wanted to obtain their essence but Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan somehow managed to cope with them. After seeing Su Xing's worry for her and under the effect of aphrodisiac, they engaged into sexual intercourse while their Star Nests were still being sealed and when Star Generals went out, they were fully dressed up.

While Su Xing was traveling alone, one girl seeing he is young and has Supercluster Early Stage cultivation initiated kiss contract with him. This girl was Hu Niangzi, 59th ranked Star Maiden, who was running away from the pursuit of Devil Star Palace. She initiated contract with Su Xing because she wanted to exact her revenge on Guan Ying, who used the soul of her friend to increase the rank of her Star Weapon as she was being misled by Devil Star Palace. Su Xing after signing the contract with Hu Niangzi was looking to sign a contract with Bai Yutang, a cute loli who he met in Evil Smithing Hall where he promised he will look for her. Su Xing had some minor difficulties because her 'mother' Gu Tong and co weren't eager to part away with Bai Yutang but after seeing Su Xing's sincere intentions, they were glad Bai Yuting found so strong and good Star Master.

Su Xing with Hu Niangzi searched new materials on sea and there he met again with Zhang Yuqi, later he got acquainted with her elder sister, Zhang Feiyu and Zhang Feiyu's Star Master, Xi Yue who was shocked when she saw Su Xing as he was the man she owes hers life to. She confessed her love to Su Xing but Su Xing treated her with indifference thinking she was only being grateful.

They coped with Guan Ying who was getting infulenced more and more with Dark Star on her Destined Star Weapon. In the process, Guan Ying's weapon collected soul of Zhang Yuqi so Su Xing asked Chai Ling what to do and she gave him token which he used to get close to Guan Ying in Devil Star Palace. Su Xing even helped her to relieve the demonic thing on her Star Weapon but they were stopped by Great Saint Starkiller and people from Devil Star Palace. Guan Ying as a proud leader of Five Tiger Generals didn't want to accept such way of life and she broke the contract with Great Saint Starkiller who became only ordinary cultivator after being left without Star General. Guan Ying was taken in Chao Wuhui's seven-stories pagoda. Zhang Yuqi singed contract with Su Xing touched by saving her life.

After his Star Generals returned, Su Xing planned to go on Treasure Feast organized by Crystal Dragon Palace because of a rumour of Tanabata, a magic treasure that can sing and negate forcefully contracted contracts. Lin Yingmei returned to Su Xing with Hua Wanyue who followed Lin Yingmei on her mission od weapon advancement. Hua Wanyue was shocked when she saw how Su Xing and Lin Yingmei making love.

Before Treasure Feast Su Xing faced First Generation's Overlord, Lu Youyou and Second Generation's Overlord. Gongsun Zhuqing. He beat Heavenly Strength Star Lu Youyou while Gongsun Zhuqing helped Gongsun Huang comprehend her Heavenly Rank Technique.

When Su Xing came to Treasure Feast he immediately asked Emperor Liang for Zhao Hanyan because she was absent and he sensed something happended to her via Intertwined Branch Sword. Emperor Liang told Su Xing if he manages to heal Zhao Hanyan, he will give him he title of Prince Consort. When Su Xing saw Zhao Hanyan she was very weak and unconcsious, she barely managed to escape from Li Taisui's and Yang Zijin's attack. As they had Intertwined Branch Swords, he sacrificed his cultivation which dropped from Supervoid Early Stage to Supercluster Late Stage but was soon recovered cause Zhao Hanyan gave him her refined Millennium Tears, in order to heal Zhao Hanyan. After that Su Xing had a threesome with Zhao Hanyan and Dong Junqing.

When Su Xing returned to Treasure Feast, everyone was under attack of unsealed Emperor Liao and White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars. By Su Xing's return, situation completely changed as he destroyed Emperor Liao's formation and managed to force White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars in escape after a hard battle with Li Taisui. On he the end of Treasure Feast , Su Xing kissed Wu Siyou in front of everyone and on that way Pilgrim Wu Siyou signed her first contract in millennium.

They also got rid of Third Generation's Overlord and her two Star General assassins. Fourth , Ffth and Sixth Generation's Ovelordrs were killed by Fang Moujia's subordinate, called by Yelu Wuhin's Three Heavenly Books. Su Xing had already refined Metal, Wood and Earth Immemorial Sword so in order to refining the Immemorial Swords, he went to White Tiger Territory where rescued Shi Xiuxiu from the attack of Han Bing who wanted to forcefully sign a contract with her. Su Xing and Shi Xiuxiu unconsiously had sexual intercourse by caused by phyton's aphrodisiac. Although Su Xing took her virginity, she didn't hate him.

Xi Yue was injured by Han Bing who even imprinted her spirit in Xi Yue's body and in order to remove it, Han Bing needed to be killed. When Su Xing find out that he immediately attacked base of White Tiger Seven Spirit Stars and engaged himself in the fight against Li Taisui and his Star General Yang Zijin. Su Xing saved Xi Yue by ingesting strong fire soul in her and got his materials for fire swords. Taisui revealed his true beast form and everyone found out he is the beast mount of Yelu Wuxin. He was too strong but was killed by Shi Xiuxiu who sacrificed herself in order to save Su Xing, atfer she heard her sisters talking about Su Xing, he became the first person she admired. Her parting words were that she hopes they will met one Maiden Mountain and she will then became his wife.

After that Su Xing and Hua Wanyue got connected by Tanabata and their feeling were connected. While he was having sexual intercourse, she was feeling all that on her body. Soon she signed a contract with Su Xing and became his seventh wife.

Chao Wuhui gave Su Xing challenge in form of Seventh Generation's Overlord Hu Banzhuang who trained Su Xing in combat while his women were comprehending Heavenly Books. In order to recover from injuries, Gong Caiwei took him in her training cave where they dual cultivated.

For Seven Stars Gathering, Song Qingci gather all remaining Star Masters to face Su Xing. Star Masters were unable to threaten Su Xing and Song Qingci's gathering was slaughtered by Shi Xian and her three friends.

Su Xing did his best as he find out that without Song Qingci, Star Duels won't be over. He also found out all Star Maidens were only True Spirits while their true bodies are sealed in Mysterious Maiden Nine Heavens Star Battle Heavenly Book.

After gaining Song Qingci's Star Weapon and causing phenomenon of 108 Star Weapons appearing, he kills Shi Xian. Su Xing, in the end, signs a contract with Gu Tong, Lu Xiao, Song Qingci and Chai Ling and with his Star Generals, Zhao Hanyan, Gong Caiwei and Xi Yue, he enters the Maiden Mountain.


  • Su Xing became first man in the history of Star Duels who signed contracts with three Star Generals.[5]
  • He acquired Outlaw Writ Plate by killing Crying Infant.[6]
  • He possessed professionalism as well as his being from another civilization on Earth. He could not indifferently look on as his Star Generals died for him, no matter how great of a benefit existed in between.[7]
  • Gongsun Huang helped him in fight against Ghost Cavalry King.[8]
  • While Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was absorbing Tong Hua's Star Energy, Su Xing took in the Blue Waves Heavenly Clear Damask, and he also urgently did not let go of the Heavenly Spirit Chest afterwards.[9]
  • Su Xing met Wu Siyou for the first time when he was unfavourabaly battling Holy Lord of Draconic Demon.[10]
  • He recalled the Water Margin that he read before on Earth, that universally appreciated classic plot of Wu Song defeating the tiger at Jingyang Ridge.[11]
  • Green Feather Boots were the first item that Su Xing refined after becoming a tool refinement master.[12]
  • His old grandfather was an incredible Chinese Chess player, having previously defeated several national players with one move. Su Xing frequently played with him at home, and to speak of it, this Chinese Chess was a specialty of Su Xing’s.[13]
  • He stole Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon in front of two Supercluster Middle Stage ancestors, when he was only Galaxy Middle Stage.[14]
  • Lin Yingmei was the first Star General he slept with.[15]
  • He needed 17 days to refine his 12 Heaven Tearing Swords while consuming medicines in value over billion.[16]
  • He captured Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon.[17]
  • He used Purple Star Liangshan Outlaw Jade Pendant for the first time in battle against Emperor Liang.[18]
  • He got invitation for Treasure Feast from a girl named Longnu.[19]
  • Su Xing stuck out his middle finger to Chao Wuhui.[19]
  • Su Xing treated Riding Sword Flight the same as operating a fighter craft, and the other Flying Swords were treated as missiles.[20]
  • When he was on Earth, his family elders had connections to Buddhism. Su Xing still remembered the Buddhist classic, “wind moves, flag moves, mind moves.” Su Xing remembered that even now, and he originally wanted to show-off, but thinking that it was too childish, he nonetheless stopped. However, Su Xing was still fundamentally an atheist. He believed deities, demons, and God were too fantastical.[21]



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Zhu ShaHuang MengruiSun YueyingXuan YunshangHao BingxinHan QingPeng FeiShan Meng'erWu RanxinXiao QingyanPei CaixuanOu XiaomengDeng RongxinYan LinglongYang LinLing FeixueJiang ShuishuiLu FangGuo XueAn SuwenHuangfu YouyunWang YingHu NiangziBao XiaoyuFan MingKong SiKong NianXiang NongmeiLi ShuangfeiJin QiongyuMa XiaoxiaoTong HuaTong YaoMeng HudieHou RuolanChen ZhanluYang YiliuZheng YanranTao ZongwangSong QinghuaYue HeGong WuyuanDing WanjingMu DuiyingCao ZhengSong JiaDu ChunyuXue MingxiShi EnLi YanZhou ZiyunTang LianxinDu YunxiangZou QiZou KeZhu GuiZhu QianrouCai XinziCai YunzhenLi BailianLi YunJiao RuoxueShi MengSun XinyueGu TongZhang XiaoSun MeiniangWang JingzhiYu YuandanBai YutangShi YuanDuan Jingshu