Abilities Edit

  • Battle Doctrine - since Su Xing is connected through the contract to Lin Yingmei, some of her experience have been transferred over to him. All he needs to do is practice and this latent power will awaken.[1]
  • Before, when he was still a pilot, his reaction speed and vision were finely honed. After being refined by Star Energy, they had obviously only gotten better.[2]
  • After he signed Shi Yuan, he got ability to fully hide his Qi even without Heart Like Mirrors Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique.
  • When he signed An Suwen he got knowledge about alchemy and various kinds of medicines. Inheriting An Suwen’s medical expertise, he was somewhat heartful of medical knowledge. 
  • After signing contract with Yan Yizhen, Su Xing inherited her boxing arts.
  • Once Su Xing contracted Gongsun Huang, he possessed her Innate Skill, Wandering The Clear Skies. For this reason, he could hover without flying swords.[3]


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