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Su Xing had signed in total seventeen Star Generals, and among them, seven were top-notch Heavenly Stars with formidable military strength. Their Star Energies were matchlessly robust, changing it into his body naturally was something ordinary people could not compare to.

Thus, accumulating over time like this, his Star Energy would but frighten people to death.

However, this way also had shortcoming. Because he had Star Energy for several people, this signified the Star Energy Su Xing distributed to the Star Generals would be increasingly dispersed. Outside of resonance, what they received even was not enough for one person. This was an inevitable outcome of contracting multiple Star Generals, and another important weakness, then, was that it was heavily difficult for Su Xing to advance to the next realm.[1]


Realm Stage Chapter Details
Stardust Early Stage 3 Signing a contract with Lin Yingmei
Middle Stage 18 Training with Lin Yingmei
Late Stage 28 Practicing Heart Like Mirrors Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique
Nebula Early Stage 40 Using Six Senses Recovery Pill and Seven Lives Cloud Gathering Powder
Middle Stage 81 Refining the Blooming Water Divine Thunder
Late Stage 94 Refining An Suwen's Star Energy
Galaxy Early Stage 148 An Suwen's medicine for breakthrough to Galaxy Stage
Middle Stage 252 Wu Xinjie's blowjob
Late Stage 331 Dual cultivation with Wu Xinjie
Supercluster Early Stage 371 Signing contract with Lu Shaqing
Middle Stage 474 Signing contract with Zhang Yuqi
Late Stage 532 Thousand Year Tears
Supervoid Early Stage 532 Thousand Year Tears
Middle Stage 598 Signing contract with Wu Siyou
Late Stage 736 Refining one volume of Heavenly Book

Contracted Star Maidens

# Real Name Type of Contract Chapter Details
1 Lin Yingmei Kiss Contract 1 It was accidental kiss when Su Xing gave Lin Yingmei arificial breathing
2 Wu Xinjie Kiss Contract 26 Wu Xinjie kissed because she tought she will never see him again
3 Shi Yuan Kiss Contract 85 Shi Yuan kissed Su Xing after he saved her from Ancestor Baili
4 An Suwen Kiss Contract 91 In order to promote realm as soon as possible Su Xing tried to sign fourth Star General
5 Yan Yizhen Kiss Contract 117 Su Xing impressed her during audition and fight against Ghost Cavalry King
6 Gongsun Huang Kiss Contract 196 He helped her when she was attacked by Xie Chan and Xie Diao
7 Tang Lianxin Kiss Contract 260 Su Xing completed Four Styles Solitary Path
8 Lu Shaqing Kiss Contract 371 Lu Shaqing tried to solve her 'feelings' to comprehend Buddhism
9 Hu Niangzi Kiss Contract 390 Hu Niangzi signed contract with Su Xing on her own initiative and it was Kiss Contract because she wanted more power
10 Bai Yutang Promise Ceremony 412 Bai Yutang sees Su Xing as her father
11 Zhang Yuqi Kiss Contract 474 Su Xing saved her soul
12 Wu Siyou Kiss Contract 598 They signed Star Duel Covenant at the end of Treasure Feast
13 Hua Wanyue Kiss Contract 673 Before signing contract they were connected by "Double Sevens"
14 Gu Tong Kiss Contract 724 She signed contract with Su Xing in order for Su Xing to cope with Black Turtle Demon Ancestor
15 Lu Xiao Kiss Contract 766 Su Xing forcefully signed contract with Lu Xiao, she wasn't willing, in order to fight against Shi Xian
16 Song Qingci Kiss Contract 768 They signed contract after fight against Shi Xian
17 Chai Ling Kiss Contract 768 They signed contract after fight against Shi Xian

Dual cultivation

# Real Name Chapter Details
1 Lin Yingmei 297 They've done it while she was trying to obtain her Star Beast
2 Wu Xinjie 312 They've done after failure to get Wu Xinjie's Star Beast
3 Zhao Hanyan 387 Zhao Hanyan initiated and willing to do it (maybe under effect of aphrodisiac)
4 Hu Niangzi 411 Su Xing was drunk and mistook her for Yingmei (done willingly)
5 Dong Junqing 559 After Su Xing saved Zhao Hanyan, she accepted Su Xing
6 Shi Xiuxiu 647 It happened under effect of aphrodisiac and they both were unconscious
7 Hua Wanyue 673 Before signing contract they were connected by "Double Sevens" and because of "Double Sevens" she didn't lose Star Nest


  • He stepped into Nebula Stage in only three months.[2]