If I fear death, then I am no warrior!
Blood mist has three thousand, breaking the world's fated marriage; when I suddenly turn around, a dream buries a millennium.
— Su Xing's answer to Song Qingci's Quote
Don’t think only your chastity is important? I’m still looking forward to giving my virginity to the woman I love, when both sides consent. I don’t want my first time doing this sort of thing to be weeping endlessly and disappointed. I’d be impotent afterwards…
From this day forth, An Suwen, you are my, Su Xing’s, little sister. Your brother swears under oath, if in the future, brother treats you unfairly, then it shall be as if this celadon cup has ended…
Su Xing's oath[3]
I don’t know why Yingmei would look upon me. However, I know that why that Steadfast Star would look upon you…
Then let this one beneath you trouble you to pass on a message to him: A general achieves renown over the dead bodies of ten thousand soldiers; fair is good, unfair is also good. The ultimate king steps wearily on the bones of the dead, and it is not relying on a few deterrent words that wishes are granted.
Su Xing's message to Zhao Cheng[5]
Who would let his own women die for him. Don’t find any vital interests at stake, that is merely the excuse of a weakling.
Su Xing answering Yan Yizhen[6]
In this world, besides all of you, I don’t have close relatives.
Su Xing to his Star Generals[7]
You can’t blame Big Brother for just now. I didn’t expect that you were a woman, otherwise, Big Brother would not soak in the spa together with you. However, mixed bathing actually isn’t anything alarming. We’re all family, but while I did take a peep, I definitely did not grope you. I helped my woman change clothes before. En, it was rather simple…
You may follow the ranking order of your sisters, but in my eyes, you are still a little girl.
If we truly reach a moment of crisis, I naturally will use the Jade Pendant. If I am to sacrifice myself for love, then I shall go die together with Yingmei in the name of love. And how could I not do the same with that Wu Siyou…
Counter soldiers with arms, water with an earth weir. I, Su Xing, am of indomitable spirit and naturally unafraid.
What is there to be afraid of. If she wants to do something, then I’ll keep her company. If I’m afraid of just this, then I cannot call myself your man!
Little Sister Lianxin, are you willing to live and die together with me?
Su Xing to Tang Lianxin before they made contract[13]
Rescind my ass. Such a high and mighty woman, even if you were gifted to me, I would have no interest…
Lianxin, in the future, do not speak to me about nonsense like rescinding our contract. Without you girls, what the fuck would I be doing going to that motherfucking Maiden Mountain…
You’re crazy. Always, it has been the handsome hero that blocks the blade for the beautiful damsel. What are you doing going against convention.
Tsk, shouldn’t a woman be admitting that someone is a man at some other place? For example…in bed…
Worthy of being called the Devil Palace’s number one Star Master. As expected, he is ugly enough to make people feel disgusted.
Su Xing about Great Saint Starkiller's demonic form[17]
Careful, to be able to make Siyou finally recognize me, I still have to thank you.
But wouldn’t treating you as my wife get us censored. You’re only six or seven years old, wouldn’t I be treated as a weird uncle…
That day, closing my eyes in the Sutra Hall’s fragrant mist, suddenly I heard your chanting of incantations; That month, I shook all of my Sutra Containers, not for ceremony, but only to touch your fingertips; That lifetime turned to mountains, turned to waters, not to study life, but only to meet with you along the way.

Buddhist scripture says: I would turn into a stone bridge, endure five hundred years of blowing wind, five hundred years of shining sun, five hundred years of pelting rain just for you to walk past over the bridge.
Worldly things are markless, the marks are born of the heart.
The affairs of man are complicated, happy with time, sad when losing it. I know only that the purple seal cord is noble, I do not feel this is a dream of golden millet
— - Su Xing


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