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Table for Chapter reference to Su Xing meeting Star Maiden

Meet Deed
Lu Xiao 5
Lin Yingmei 1
Wu Xinjie 10
Zhao Hanyan 92
Hu Niangzi 389
Dong Junqing 92
Shi Xiuxiu 477
Hua Wanyue 174
Gong Caiwei 29
Wu Siyou 124
Shi Yuan 55
An Suwen 27
Yan Yizhen 108
Tang Lianxin 127
Zhang Yuqi 271
Chai Ling 155
Xi Yue 44
Gu Tong 389
Lu Shaqing 339
Song Qingci 192


Lin Yingmei

With regards to the first girl that signed a contract with him when he came to Liangshan, Su XIng’s heart always had a kind of indescribable feeling.[1] Their relationship began a little rocky but developed significantly through their journey. Other star maidens were surprised when both were willing to risk themselves for the other as star maidens and their masters had never been seen to do that.

Lin Yingmei is often serving as the main fighter in the group and is often very intent on protecting her Master, to which his Master often reminds her he does not want to neccessarily be protected by anyone, including a girl. Lin Yingmei is considered the first wife as she is the first Star Maiden to form a contract with Su Xing.

While in the Evil Smithing Hall, they both lose their virginity to each other.

Wu Xinjie

Wu Xinjie gets interested in Su Xing when he is able to decipher the Mountain Lake Riddle, something no one had presumably been known to have solved. Wu Xinjie makes a plot to help Gou Zi capture Lin Yinmei so she could replace her as Su Xing's Star Maiden. Su Xing figures this out and states he would not abandon Lin Yinmei for Wu Xinjie. Wu Xinjie redeems herself after she helps them. Su Xing forgives her before asking her to leave them. Wu Xinjie kisses Su Xing goodbye and unexpectedly forms a contract with her.

Being the second girl that he signs a contract with, they are very close and often share their worries and concerns regarding their plans with one another. Su Xing heavily trusts her as she serves as the strategist of the team. She also serves as Su Xing's wingwoman, often probing conflicted Star Maidens like Chai Ling and Wu Siyou.

Wu Xinjie loses her viriginity to Su Xing in the Evil Smiting Hall.

An Suwen

Su Xing and An Suwen have a fairy amicable relationship in the beginning of the story as she is always helping make medicines for Su Xing and his team. Sometime in the story Su Xing requests they become Sworn Big Brother and Little Sister, to which she agrees to. Later in the story at a time when Su Xing is having issues progressing with his cultivation, Wu Xinjie suggests An Suwen and Su Xing attempt to sign a Star Maiden Contract, something they both seem willing to do. Su Xing surprises An Suwen by giving her a sensual kiss, believing this is the only way to sign a Maiden contract. She becomes his fourth Star General.

After signing their contract, they seem to have gotten closer to one another. An Suwen becomes more emboldened, even giving Su Xing a handj*b when helping him with his cultivation.

Gong Caiwei

Su Xing and Gong Caiwei ran into each other when they went to explore a place southern of Heavenly Water City. After helping each other solve the riddles in the tomb, she invites Su Xing to join him at the Flower Dragon Cave, as it needed to be opened by two Star Masters.

She fought together with Su Xing and when they finally defeated the old beast, it sprayed pink, aphrodisiac fluid onto them as its final resort. As they were at the end of their ropes they were unable to circulate their Star Energy to resist the, otherwise not lethal situation. When Su Xing lost control and was about to eat her up, her tears knocked his senses back to him, consequently he controlled his desires circulating the Heart Like Mirrors Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique, and he kissed her to share the technique circulation with her, thus aiding their situation before passing out. When he woke up, he discovered her dressed neatly at his side, even though she could have killed him when he was unconcious.

When the time for plundering the Purple Grade Birth Outline treasure came, she protected Su Xing and helped him take the Birth Treasure Outline, she even fought with Zhao Hanyan so she was less implicated. Su Xing was extremely grateful for her actions.

When Su Xing and Gong Caiwei team up to fight against Great Saint Starkiller, they defend each other. When she defends Su Xing with her body he protects her in return, leaving her flabbergasted with his humor. Later, when Chai Ling's Star Beast was captured and it was time to leave, he refused to leave because he knew she would die should he leave. This left poor Caiwei extremely touched, with conflicted feelings while also being completely shocked at his nerves to still joke around in the dire life threatening situation.

Gong Caiwei is saved by Su Xing in the Evil Smiting Hall when she is chased by Great Saint Starkiller and Guan Ying. She is genuinely moved from these actions. Her heart becomes conflicted after she sees Su Xing flirting with Wu Siyou.

Xi Yue

Su Xing first meets Xi Yue in the Flower Dragon Cave. He saves her after he sees her severly injured.

Shi Yuan

Their relationship begins after making a mutal beneficial agreement with one another. After interacting with Su Xing when going to the ruins and stealing the technique together, Shi Yuan grows fond of Su Xing. She both assumes he is unable to make another contract with another maiden and was not interested in her when they both decide to go their separate ways. Their relationship blossoms after Su Xing returns for Shi Yuan after receiving a transmission message from Ancestor Baili. She decides to be together with him. They accidently form a contract together after they kiss, not knowing Su Xing was able sign another Star General and becomes his third Star General.

Shi Yuan often times very eager to kiss Su Xing. Shi Yuan is also often looking with interest whenever Su Xing is flirting with another Star Maiden.

While in the Evil Smithing Hall, they both enjoy their company alone, something Shi Yuan remarks at rarely happening. They decide to go into a lake after failing to catch Shi Yuan's Star Beast. She gives Su Xing an underwater bl*wjob.

Zhao Hanyan

Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan orginally meet each other when Su Xing accidently sees Zhao Hanyan and Dong Junqing being intimate with one another in the Purple Star Path Diving Star Platform. After being discovered, Zhao Hanyan and Dong Junqing begin a Star Maid Battle with Su Xing and his Maidens. The fight is put on hiatus after dangerous creatures appear in the Platform. Sometime later, Zhao Hanyan and Su Xing are taken away from their respective maid generals by a Green-feather Eagle demon who plans to use them as food for its offspring.

Managing to run away from the quick demon, they hide in a place where they are soon being covered by guano. While spending time here, Su Xing continously teases Zhao Hanyan and embraces her to help each other avoid the guano. To avoid being suffocated to death by the guano they use an Intertwined Branch Sword to leave the area. Due to an an unexpected pact made by Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan on the Intertwined Branch Sword, they are no longer to kill each other, forming a pseudo-marriage pact with one another.

After ditching Su Xing and his Star Maidens, Zhao Hanyan and Dong Junqing leave the Platform and return home. When they, again, start being intimate, Zhao Hanyan realizes she is not as excitable. Zhao Hanyan begins thinking about thinking the masculine scent that came Su Xing’s embrace. She thinks, "It was a firm boldness that was a sharp contrast to Dong Junqing’s gentle and lovely charm." Her heart skips a beat.

When her father, Liang Huizong, wishes to kill Su Xing after he steals the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo from him, Zhao Hanyan speaks up for him to avoid him getting killed. She later mentally praises Su Xing for being unafraid of her father.

When they meet each other in the Evil Smiting Hall their relationship develops significantly. While Dong Junqing and Yan Yizhen, they flirt with each other up until Su Xing begins to kiss and grope her ass. Zhao Hanyan recipricates his actions and kisses him back. After Dong Junqing notices and attacks Su Xing, Zhao stops her. Before parting ways, Zhao Hanyan invites Su Xing to her birthday party.

Dong Junqing

Su Xing and Dong Junqing orginally meet each other when Su Xing accidently sees Zhao Hanyan and Dong Junqing being intimate with one another in the Purple Star Path Diving Star Platform. After being discovered, Zhao Hanyan and Dong Junqing begin a Star Maid Battle with Su Xing and his Maidens. The fight is put on hiatus after dangerous creatures appear in the Platform. Sometime later, Zhao Hanyan and Su Xing are taken away from their respective maid generals by a Green-feather Eagle demon who plans to use them as food for its offspring.

When Zhao Hanyan is not as excitable, Don Junqing thinks it has something to do with pact made between Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan. She then gets jealous, thinking Su Xing is not deserving of her master. Her hatred for Su Xing grows further after she sees Su Xing making out with Zhao Hanyan in the Evil Smiting Hall.

Yan Yizhen

Throughout his fight with the Ghost Calvary King, Su Xing sacrifices himself for his maid generals and Yan Yizhen. Yaz Yizhen, being moved, performs her Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow to help aid in battle, a weapon only activated whenever she is emotionally stirred to the depths. By the end of the battle, after Su Xing is in a bad state, she tells Li Shishi that she has found her master.

She serves as a Su Xing's maid. In the beginning, she is not receptive to Su Xing's flirting, either because of her position as his maid or due to a lack of closeness between each other.

Wu Siyou

Wu Siyou originally despises Su Xing, believing Lin Yingmei would only form a Star Convenant Contract with someone unless she was forced to. She swore she would kill Lin Yingmei's master. Although Wu Siyou had originally intended to kill Su Xing, Lin Yingmei's determination, even willing to confront her when she attempts to kill him, forces her to give Su Xing a chance.

Their time in the Vermillion Bird Territory changes their relationship. Su Xing's actions to help Gongsun Huang when she is severly ill changes her perception of him, realizing he could have easily killed her and gained her massive amount of star energy. His genuine concern towards her well being make Wu Siyou gain respect for Su Xing. Wu Siyou does begin developing feelings for Su Xing, feeling 'uncomfortable' after Gongsun Huang forms of Star Convenant with Su Xing. Their roles as Fake Husband and Wife helps develop their relationship further. Su Xing uses this role to tease her, asking her to call him "Dear Husband," something Su Wiyou eventually catches onto. Su Xing begins to also develop feelings as he begins to like Wu Siyou's personality, realizing this "was the first time that he had the urge to sign a contract."

During their time in Five Poisons Mountain, Su Xing teases Wu Siyou incessantly. Wu Siyou is receptive, allowing him to grab her waist when he rides her Star Beast without permission and not stopping him when he repeatedly announces their roles as Husband and Wife to everyone in the mountain. After Su Xing gives up the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon to save Wu Siyou, her heart is moved. In front of the all the cultivators present, she declares Su Xing as her Lord Husband.

Although Wu Siyou grows fond of Su Xing, her conflicting identity as the Harm Star and previous generation's overlord, makes her resolve herself to not make a contract with Su Xing. Although they do not form a contract, Su Xing and Wu Siyou both think about each other after they part ways. After forming the Langya swords, Su Xing begins asking himself the wherabouts of Wu Siyou. Wu Siyou contemplates her experiences with Su Xing, thinking, "although their time in the Vermilion Bird Territory was very short, it nevertheless made Wu Siyou feel those brief days were the most unforgettable since the Star Duels began – in this mutual plan, in the dog eat dog Star Duels, Wu Siyou for the first time had actually forgotten about the Star Duels, forgotten about her oath." Wu Siyou sighs her complex feelings and recalls the time Su Xing saves her, resolving herself to cut him out her life and make this the last time she sighs in this life. She uses Star Energy on the The Light Shifting Mirror, which instead activates it and transports Su Xing to her location while she is bathing in the Dragon Spring Stream. Due to the Dragon Spring Stream's features, they begin merging as one, "Their bodies then seemed to be drawn closely together like positive and negative magnets, basically unable to disengage." They are close to making a Kissing Star Contract before Su Wiyou's Star Beast breaks Su Wiyou's trance. During their battle against the group of the Most High Path, Su Xing's worried expression over Su Wiyou's health makes her realize some things could not be cut out of her life.

During her time in the Evil Smiting Hall, Wu Siyou puts Su Xing's head on her lap when he takes a nap. Her thoughts on forming a contract with Su Xing are challenged by Chai Ling as she states “Little Sister must be considering the overlord title of the previous Wu Song, so that is why you are so opposed to contracts. However, this truly is a senseless affair. By This Palace’s perspective, if the previous Wu Song knew of your present situation, she certainly would oppose your conduct.”

When they encounter Great Saint Starkiller and Guan Ying, Su Xing's stubborn way of fighting makes her moved, realizing that outside of her Star Sisters, he is the only person she genuinely trusts. Throughout this battle, she claims Su Xing as her Husband. After seeing Su Xing take three strikes from Guan Ying, she obtains the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill, Do Not Laugh Laying Drunk On Battlefield. This move is only able to be "comprehended when a Star General and someone else reach an incomparable realm of perfect understanding." She kisses Su Xing before she defeats Guan Ying.

Tang Lianxin

Su Xing first meets Tang Lianxin at the Four Styles School, as she is one of disciples of the Ju Yueke. Ju Yueke then states she hopes Tang Lianxin are able to treat each other as brothers (as Tang Lianxin has concealed the fact she is female). Su Xing, believing Ju Yueke wants Su Xing to get closer to Tang Lianxin because of her antisocial behavior, he attempts to get closer to Tang Lianxin. When Ju Yueke is being bullied by some students at the Four Styles School, Su Xing intervenes and defends her. Tang Lianxin begins helping Su Xing with his tool refinement skills. As they get closer and Su Xing catches Tang Lianxin, he discovers she is female. He promises to not share this with anyone at the school. As a result, they grow closer to each other.

Su Xing goes to the Four Styles Solitary Path as this is Tang Lianxin's request for anyone that wants to form a Star Contract with her. After growing worried for his safety, she runs to him when he exits the Solitary Path. They make a Star Convenant contract when they kiss.

In the Evil Smithing Hall, Su Xing hugs Tang Lianxin after she is trying to warm herself up from the night cold. "Tang Lianxin’s whole body stiffened. Under the bonfire, her cheeks caught red clouds. Su Xing’s chest was more burning, and the chill in her four limbs instantly disappeared. Tang Lianxin softly grunted, not struggling as she quietly closed her eyes. The two people, were silent that night."

While attempting to convince Jin Qiongyu to join Su Xing's group, she agrees to join him only if Tang Lianxin severs her Star Covenant with Su Xing. Tang Lianxin agrees, but is later is reprimanded by Su Xing, stating “Lianxin, in the future, do not speak to me about nonsense like rescinding our contract. Without you girls, what the fuck would I be doing going to that motherfucking Maiden Mountain…”

Chai Ling

Chai Ling gets interested in Su Xing after seeing he is the Star Master of Wu Xinjie and Yan Yizhen. Her contempt for Su Xing and his Maidens is seen when she proposes to offer her Red Ink Iron Certificate in exchange for making a spectacle out of Wu Xinjie's virginity. Su Xing, angered, tricks Chai Ling to a game of Chinese Chess, where if she lost she would give him a sequential squared value for the amount of spaces on the Chinese Chess board. After winning she realizes she is unable to pay him the agreed amount. He settles the deal by asking her to call him Big Brother, making her lose face. After the slight tension is quelled by Wu Xinjie, she makes a deal to exchange her Red Ink Iron Certificate in exchange for them to help her obtain her Star Beast as prior generations of Chai Ling had not obtained one through a spirit drink item, called Together To Hell, which would kill the other drinker of the item, if one of the drinkers perished. Per Together To Hell requirement, Su Xing gives Chai Ling a passionate kiss. After being asked by her servants why she allowed Su Xing to kiss her, she quiets them down, and begins contemplating her boredom and her most recent interesting experience with Su Xing and his Maidens.

While waiting alongside Su Xing's Maidens in the Void Immortal's Abode, Wu Xinjie asks Chai Ling why she drank Together to Hell with Su Xing, which results in them kissing. She explains “If one knew him for a long time, he indeed is somewhat not too ordinary…almost like…” Muttering, Chai Ling’s brow creased: “There was once a feeling that he had crashed his way through their heart…” Seeing all of the girls were at a loss, Chai Ling did not explain. She lowered her eyes, gazed at the chessboard and sank into self-contemplation.

During her time with Su Xing at the Evil Smiting Hall, she is seen conflicted with making a Star Contract with Su Xing. While she was impressed by the Star Maidens happy reactions after coming from the Evil Smiting Hall with Su Xing, felt he was reliable, and "showed no will to harm man or beast;" she concludes her Star Contract with Su Xing would reap more costs than benefits for both parties. Even still, after listening to Su Xing's stories of meeting each of his Star Maidens, she gets closer to him, feeling "that staying in Evil Smiting Hall for just a bit longer was not a bad thing at all."

While she is talking to Wu Konghou about her story at the Evil Smiting Hall, Wu Konghou proposes she be a part of Su Xing's harem. She is shown to be a little prideful, thinking, "To say she was not moved was to be lying to herself. Su Xing’s current Star Generals were a sight never seen in a thousand years. This generation’s Star Duels basically was in his bag. Chai Ling wholeheartedly wished to scale Maiden Mountain, and signing a contract with Su Xing was simply perfect, let alone that that man was actually to her liking; but the sole reason that dispelled this thinking was the unhappiness in her heart. She could not say why. In a word, she felt that if she signed a contract with Su Xing for this reason, she generally could not lift her head to face Su Xing’s seven other beauties. There was no face. She, Chai Ling, any way it was said, was a queen. How could she lower her own status in front of the Sisters."

Gongsun Huang

Among the seven beauties, the bewilderment that the ranked fourth Leisure Star in front of him gave was the greatest. She made him the most confused because regardless of the degree of familiarity between them, the way they signed a contract also had its reasons. The other girls did not require twists and turns, yet Gongsun Huang was much too silent.

Gongsung Huang and Su Xing's relationship is a little unusual. Gongsun aids Su Xing against the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal for no reason. Su Xing notices her poisoned and aims to cure her poison. For the majority of the Vermillion Bird Territory arc, Su Xing underlying intentions between his battle with the Poison Lady Scorpion and her Star Generals is to obtain the blood from her Star Generals to cure Gongsun Huang. Before curing her, though, Gongsun Huang decides to form a Star Covenant with her.

When asked by the other Star Maidens why she chose to form a Star Covenant with Su Xing, she explains, “Little Huang felt His Highness Su Xing was decreed by fate.”

During their time in the Evil Smiting Hall, Su Xing asks Gongsun Huang why she helped him the first two times they meet, she explains she had seen Su Xing fight for her little sisters. When Su Xing asks if Gongsun Huang was shocked from Gong Caiwei's refusal fo form a contract with her, she shakes her head and shows him a gaze implying her contract with Su Xing made her "extremely happy," which makes Su Xing "feel as if his chest was blocked by something."

She is astonished by Su Xing's action during their battle against Great Saint Starkiller and Guan Ying. His unwillingness to leave Gong Caiwei makes her confused and angry, initially believing he was only thinking with lower body. She is slightly moved after he clarifies he would be unwilling to leave a friend to die. She is moved after Su Xing uses the Chaotic Tail Escape Technique, severly injuring himself, to save her from Great Saint Starkiller's attack. She grows curious to Su Xing's background, surprised at the amount of Star Maidens he has attracted.

Hua Wanyue

Their relationship in the beginning of the story is not close. Although Hua Wanyue helps Su Xing kill Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal and escape the Sky Falling Great Sage Roc Demon King, they do not interact much until Hua Wanyue is beaten by the Heavenly Hero Red Luan. Su Xing's immediate decision to help Hua Wanyue when she is feeble and close to death by the Heavenly Hero Red Luan, confuses her before she loses conciousness. When she wakes up she is very skeptical of Su Xing, believing he is plotting something against her.

After Su Xing helps Hua Wanyue from Lu Fang, she becomes conflicted with her "No Master" situation, recognizing she would have been in danger either by the Heavenly Hero Red Luan or by a Star Master that wished to harm her after losing against her Star Beast. She contemplates making a contract with Su Xing but disregards the notion after she concludes Star Masters are only able to have one Star General.

The offer made by Su Xing to help one another with their Star Beasts makes Hua Wanyue hesistate, knowing the dangers of capturing her Star Beast. Su Xing's insistence and claim to help each other as they are now friends makes Hua Wanyue blush, as it was the first time a man had referred to her as a friend. Hua Wanyua retorts stating she would treat him as he treats her. Su Xing then, teasingly, states he loves her and asks if she loves him to which she softly snorts.

While battling the Heavenly Hero Red Luan, begins noticing Su Xing's potential and becomes stirred. She thinks, "Ever since that man called Su Xing saved her, he gave her an extremely exceptional feeling. Obviously, he was a Star Master, yet he completely lacked the attitude a Star Master ought to have. Avarice, bloodthirst, recklessness, attacks by any means, nothing of the sort manifested on his person. Regardless of whether this was an act or his natural inclination, at least he indeed made Hua Wanyue feel bewildered, especially here and now." Su Xing is then reflected in Hua Wanyue’s pupils. He was currently staking all of his power to pester the Red Luan, clearly in a precarious position. For that firm expression, Hua Wanyue had at that instant, a stirred heart. Although she aims her arrow at Su Xing, wanting to get rid of the man that is causing this confusion, she ultimately is unable to, shooting the Heavenly Hero Red Luan instead.

Zhang Yuqi

They first encounter each other in the Evil Smithing Hall after Shi Yuan has given Su Xing a bl*wjob. Zhang Yuqi tests Su Xing's morals, asking him to help her catch her Star Beast, after she had already helped Shi Yuan with hers. Su Xing, questioningly, asks Zhang Yuqi why she trusts Su Xing would help her if they are supposed to be enemies. Zhang Yuqi answers her Star Weapon, White Water Mirror Heart, possesses the ability to see people's feelings, being the reason she is still not contracted even at the third phase of the Star Duels. She also deduces that a Star Maiden that can trust a Star Master wholeheartedly and willing to give them a an underwater bl*wjob is probably not a bad person, as a Star Maiden would not go so far with them if she didn't trust them with her life. Su Xing, unsurprisingly, agrees to help her with her Star Beast. While she rides on Su Xing's Flying Sword, she teases him, having "her butt stuck against Su Xing without caring in the slightest" and "making her body stick to Su Xing's chest."

She states he is only a "lower half man," being able to think only with his lower half, when she sees Shi Yuan's Star Weapon at a low rank so far into the Star Duels. During the fight to capture her Star Beast, Zhang Yuqi realizes Su Xing is "not just a lower half man" as he is able to fight so well alongside Shi Yuan, against the Urgent Sea White Spirit Python.



Holy Lord of Draconic Demon

They first meet each other when they both attempt to take the Purple Star Path in the Divine Star Platform. Although they both notice each other, nothing transpires. Su Xing is surprised their is someone that impressive, while the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon later finds out the unimpressing Su Xing was able to complete the Purple Star Path of the Divine Star Platform. After meeting each other in Yellow Sea, they fight over an Astral Treasure, where the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon decides he must kill Su Xing now, before he cultivates to Galaxy Stage and becomes a greater threat to him later. Their fight, however, is stopped by Lu Xiao and Wu Siyou, resulting in Su Xing ending up with the Astral Treasure.

The meet again in the Evil Smiting Hall during the third phase of Star Duels. Holy Lord of Draconic Demon's hatred for Su Xing grows after Su Xing and Gongsun Huang kill his Star General. He leaves shortly after.

Great Saint Starkiller

They first meet each other when the Devil Sects from the Black Turtle Territory go to Heavenly Gem Bamboo to take the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. Although they end in a stalemate even without his Star General, Great Saint Starkiller recognizes the threat that Su Xing poses.

They meet again during the Evil Smiting Hall. Unaware of his identity, he is greatly surprised that he is unable to beat a Star Master, Great Saint Starkiller's resentment grows after Guan Ying recognizes Su Xing's character and he sees the Star Generals he's with. The Great Saint Starkiller grows frustrated after he fails to kill Chai Ling, and immediately escapes the Evil Smiting Hall soon after.