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  • The Chaotic Tail Escape hurt down to the bone, and the Heart Like Mirrors Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique calmed his heart. These two completely on opposite extremes were combined together by Su Xing, their qualities compatible with each other, animated and still, each taking what it needed, unexpectedly achieving a wonderful and harmonious balance. His progression also unexpectedly increased. When the Chaotic Tail Escape reaches the twenty-eighth gate, the Heart Like Mirrors Soul technique would break through to the first realm.[1]
  • Liangshan Continent practice many different types of the Five Elements Astonishing Magics, and each of the Five Elements had many sorts of varieties. Just thunder alone had Clinging Fire Divine Thunder, Blooming Water Divine Thunder, and more. The majority depended on every sort of ability to be refined, and nowadays, matching it with the Purple Star Transforming Qi, Su Xing actually surprisingly refined a new thunder magic in Liangshan Continent. The thunder and lightning completely understood attachment to the purple clouds and auspicious light, so Su Xing dubbed it “Purple Mansion Immortals Thunder.”[2]


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