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Sun Meiniang is 103rd ranked Star Maiden.

Birth Outline Status

Star Position: Strong Star

Star Name: Sun Erniang

Nickname: Female Yaksha

True Name: Sun Meiniang

Rank: One hundred and third

Right Hand Star Weapon: Blood Sacrifice Soul Absorbing Trident (Four Star)

Left Hand Star Weapon: Skin Flaying Torture Heavenly Whip (Four Star)

Star Beast: Scarlet Asura

Realm: Ten Thousand Techniques Second Stage

Innate Skill: Essence Absorption

Five Elements: Wood

Yellow Rank Special Move: Spirit Captivation

Dark Rank Special Move: Soul Allure

Current Status: No Contractor (can be conquered)

Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill: Yaksha Lady

Detailed Materials: Yaksha Lady: Can absorb all of a Star Maiden's Essence Qi to undergo transformation into Yaksha Lady, martial force realm all-around upgraded