Sword Chant is a Star Cultivator’s most powerful ability, its power comparable to a magic weapon. The reason why a Sword Chant would become a Star Cultivator’s strongest power was only because this used the Star Cultivator’s own life as nourishment, linking together with the Star Cultivator into one.[1]

Process of Refining Edit

After settling its embryonic stage, next was the most important step – Sword Chant Shape Modelling. The majority of Star Cultivators refined Life-cast Sword Chants separately most of the time, not like the way he was doing. However, Su Xing felt that since this was a Life-cast Sword Chant, naturally, a simultaneous completion was best not passed up. The Gold Coin Spotted Leopard Tang Lianxin also approved of this view.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • Life-cast Sword Chant was incapable of borrowing the hands of another. One could only rely on his own Life-cast Star Energy to go refine it, and he could not make the slightest mistake.[2]
  • Having used the Life-cast Heart Flower during refinement, the Life-cast Sword Chant could immediately return to protect their master. [3]
  • The Life-cast Sword Chant and cultivator's life were linked. Whatever harm the flying swords suffered, the cultivator himself would also be injured. [4]
  • Life-cast Flying Swords were nurtured in the body. If a woman was pregnant, then indeed she could not use a flying sword.[5]
  • Life-cast Sword Chant could be nurtured in dantian when they are damaged.[6]


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